Technology Adoption by Instructors to Impart Learning: Factors and Utilizations

Newer technology of learning

As we move rapidly into the technology age, awareness is growing that many of the developing technologies may benefit teaching and learning – including mobile devices, internet and social media. Students being the younger generation, and thus predisposed to adopt newer technologies, are willing to give technology-aided learning an earnest chance. There is no doubt that technology makes learning more….

LMS for the Next Generation of Corporate Learners: An Insight

Corporate Learners

As the technology around us evolves, the way we learn also evolves along with it. Learning and Technology are closely linked than ever before in schools, higher education institutions as well as corporate houses. A survey by leading community of IT professionals, EDUCAUSE surveyed more than 17,000 faculty members from 151 institutions and more than 75,000 students from 213 institutions….

E-learning Solutions in the Healthcare Sector: Creating Knowledge and Enlightenment

e learning for healthcare

Catering to the growing numbers and the varied learning needs, e-learning opens us to a world of possibilities. In recent times, our experience in creating e-learning for the Healthcare Sector has been growing and we bring forth the learning from some of these experiences. Regulatory bodies closely scrutinize the healthcare sector to ensure that every organization is working within the….

Why Learning should be a part of your Marketing Strategy

Online Learning

Why indeed. Typically Learning has been considered a part of the Human Capital Management (HCM) function of the HR department. It is integral to the development of the employee base and has been majorly linked to increased productivity, innovation and satisfaction. Outside HR though, learning has struggled to find a foothold in any of the other corporate functions. I would….

Challenges and Solutions of creating e-Learning Solutions for an Enterprise-Wide Global Audience

elearning solutions

In recent years, the market for e-learning services and platforms is growing rapidly in the corporate environment. E-learning is being utilized for training within the corporate structure in various ways, including employee training, organization on-boarding, process trainings, soft skills trainings and so on. According to a popular research, the global e-learning market is growing at the rate of 15.06 percent,….

Hospitality Industry and E-Learning Technologies – Some Experiences and Insights

Hospitality Industry and E-Learning

Adoption of e-learning technologies provides a definite competitive advantage for businesses today in all the leading industries of the world. This is especially true for the hospitality and tourism industry, which relies upon people to provide services and thus has a constant need for training. But keeping in mind the turbulent economic times, the industry also needs to cut down….

Organizational Blended Learning – Five Common Challenges and Solutions

online learning solutions

Over the last decade, technology-aided learning is being adopted for corporate learning for different learning needs and varying audiences. This is opening up the limits of a classroom-only approach. Gone are the days when training would be limited by distance and cost. Employees can now avail multiple learning modules every day to enhance their learning. Though online learning is certainly….

Mobile Devices in Learning: Utilizing the Ubiquitous Platform for Corporate Learning

mobile learning

Mobile Devices are an indispensable  part of our people’s life – both at work and home. Using smartphones or tablets, they read newspapers on their handheld devices, send work emails, plan their schedules, book airline tickets, find maps for desired destinations – it is difficult to list the many utilizations of the mobile device. In the work scenario, handheld gadgets….

Developing an Organization-wide Culture of Learning – Some Tactics

elearning culture

The benefits of a strong learning culture are many. It is a proven fact that organizations where employees take pain to gain more knowledge, stay competitive and become better over the time.  Some organizations try to encourage learning by providing adequate training and learning infrastructure – Learning Material, Training Class Rooms, Trainers, Learning Management System, and pertinent content. Learning technology….

How to align eLearning Initiatives to Business Success: What do L&D Leaders suggest?

Online Learning

Technology-aided learning has a lot of potential to significantly improve the way that learning and work are integrated. But the L&D function within an organization needs to clearly find important links between learning and business objectives of the organization. It is important for the L&D function to create a continual learning process that is beneficial both to the learners as….

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