E-learning Trends 2016

Popular Trends Of 2016 – Shaping The E-Learning Industry Today And Tomorrow

by Arunima Majumdar | March 14th, 2017

Training is now an integral part of employee development. Talent management is more than just attracting and retaining talent. It

Employee Involvement

9 Tips To Maximize Employee Involvement In Online Training Development

by Christopher Pappas | March 14th, 2017

Employees are the ones who have to take your online training. So, it’s only fitting that they have a direct

Custom e-learning

Think About It – How Important Is Reflecting On What You Have Learnt?

by Arunima Majumdar | March 2nd, 2017
Category :e-Learning

A new study shows, it is a fact that – Learning is more effective if a lesson or learning experience

Multimedia In eLearning

10 Rules To Follow For Fruitful Inclusion Of Multimedia In E-Learning

by Arunima Majumdar | February 20th, 2017

Success of E-Learning lies in the fact that it can include a variety of learning opportunities – self-paced training, just-in-time

blended learning

Tips For Blended Learning Success In The World Of Corporate Training

by Arunima Majumdar | February 10th, 2017

Though traditionally, classroom-based instructor-led trainings have been the chosen route for corporate learning, the limitations of only classroom approach are

Video-based Learning

Video-based Learning: Create Effective Learning Videos By Avoiding Five Common Mistakes

by Arunima Majumdar | February 2nd, 2017
Category :Blog

Technology-aided learning provides learning as per the needs and requirements of learners by presenting learning content in accordance to their

Employee Retention

Employee Retention – Is It Passé?

by Rahul Agarwal | January 25th, 2017

For years there has been a huge brouhaha around retention. Retaining high value employees is now a priority for all

Blended learning

Blended Learning – Different Strategies That Work For Varying Learner Needs

by Arunima Majumdar | January 20th, 2017
Category :e-Learning

For all L&D managers in the corporate world, delivering successful training within available time and resources is a continuing challenge.

YouTube and Learning

YouTube And Learning: The Future Of Self-paced As Well As Classroom Learning

by Arunima Majumdar | January 16th, 2017

Technology and learning has become closer in the last few years. With the development of modern Internet, corporate sector has

Induction training

E-learning Approaches For Creation Of An Effective Induction Training: A Case Study

by Arunima Majumdar | January 3rd, 2017

While it is necessary to create induction program that truly reflects the company and what it stands for, it is

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