E-Learning in the Automobile Industry: Challenges & Solutions


Every organization strives to create innovative avenues to provide training that educates, inspires and builds its people. E-learning has been providing innovative and impactful learning for the corporate sector for more than a decade now. With the steady backbone of technology, e-learning has been able to create training for a variety of audiences and different learning needs. For e-learning to….

Developing Mobile Content — Fast and Far-Reaching

Mobile learning using Rapid Authoring Tools

Mobile learning, or m-learning, has found strong footing in recent years – especially in corporate circles where learning-on-the-go is an essential need. But the popularity of m-learning has created a growing need for mobile-compatible content – content that is readily available and accessible to the learner. In this scenario, the turnaround time for developing m-learning content is a growing concern…..

Yes, Games Based Learning Does Work – and here’s a Real Life Case Study

Game Based Learning

Games for learning have always had a bit of controversy around them – are they really useful, do they help increase retention of information, can they motivate an uninterested learner, or are they used just to ‘jazz’ up the learning. There are convincing arguments made by industry experts to prove both sides of the debate. We, as an organization are….

Reaching out to a Global Audience through Localization of e-Learning Content

e-learning localization

Technology-aided learning has spread globally across the corporate sector over the last decade or so. Organizations have chosen to invest in e-learning to increase the reach and efficacy of training across their offices. As a result, the same standards of learning are followed across the length and breadth of the organization. While this makes good business sense, there are some….

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