Social Learning can help you Sell Better – Here’s How

Many of the forward looking corporate are now beginning to warm up to social learning within their networks. With the easy availability and affordability mobile devices, social learning can now be delivered through mobile phones, smart phones or tablets. The added advantage of the mobile platform provides accessibility of social learning for learners – anytime and anywhere. While social learning….

Deriving the Best out of E-learning Outsourcing: Creating Impactful Courseware

e-learning outsourcing

With the growing popularity and success of e-learning in the corporate circles, the need for high-quality course-ware development is ever-increasing. Many organizations thus prefer the route of developing their course-ware through external resources in order to keep up with the pace of demand and restrictive time-lines. But the quintessential question that they have to ask themselves is how will it….

Creating Impactful Learning: Experiences in the BFSI


Technology-aided learning has permeated every leading industry in the world. The Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) has been a forerunner in adopting the newer ways of imparting training for its ever-increasing and ever-changing training needs. But, as often happens with many early-adopters, the initial elation of discovering the new is followed by the inevitable question, ‘What else?’ In our….

Making use of the basics in m-learning – utilizing the strength of an SMS


The benefits of mobile learning, or m-learning, are many. Learning-content is available for the learner at all times, creating an opportunity to learn ‘just-in-time’. Also, learning is learner-driven, providing a learning opportunity whenever the learner needs it the most. In the last few years, m-learning has made immense progress – both in content as well as the technology needed to….

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