Learning Management Systems: Creating sustainable training support for Corporate Learners


The shelf life of acquired knowledge and skills in the corporate world is getting shorter by the day. This increases the (already tremendous) pressure on corporate learners to proactively learn and get trained – throughout their careers. With technology-aided learning, e-courses are now readily available for learners’ consumption anytime and anywhere. Corporations put Learning Management Systems (LMS) in place to….

Enhance Your Mobile Learning Delivery with 7 Eye-openers.


mLearning has, slowly but surely, been creating a niche for itself in corporate training and learning. Even a decade ago mLearning was being created and utilized for learning – though sparingly. But in the past few years it has emerged as a sustainable learning platform. In addition to providing uninterrupted access, mLearning also provides a more learner-centric approach where the….

E-Learning in Healthcare: Educating and Empowering Patients


The success of e-learning is now well-established in all leading industries, including healthcare. For healthcare professionals, e-learning provides training and support in a variety of ways – compliance training, process training, and even on-the-job support with the help of mobiles and other handhelds. For patients and caregivers too, who are at the other end of the spectrum in the healthcare….

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