G-Cube sets up Ministry of Fun

Why do we say ‘Thank God it’s Friday’? Are associates waiting to go home and enjoy the next couple of days?  Well not at G-Cube!! Here, we celebrate on Fridays and not because the weekend is near but because we celebrate TGIF, a fun filled event with lots of games, pranks and unadulterated doses of laughter! At G-Cube, we created….

G-Cube Celebrates “Summer Fest”

With summer sneaking in on us & the mercury soaring outside, G-Cube was abuzz with colors and a splash of imagination on Friday, May 20th. Men and women walked around in printed summer clothes with flowers pinned in their hair, beach shirts, bermudas and hats. This was not a regular day. G-Cubians were ready to beat the heat and with….

Diwali Celebrations at G-Cube

The aura which hangs around in the months of October/November is simply charismatic. Each year on the dawn of Ammavas the glittering diyas, the dazzling fireworks, sounds of crackers announces the arrival of the most vibrant festival of India -Diwali. This 5 day long festival is celebrated throughout the country with great zeal and enthusiasm. G-Cubians also celebrated the festival….

Independence Day Celebrations at G-Cube

India celebrated its 62nd Independence Day on 15th August. While there are many functions organized by government to commemorate I-Day, kite flying on this day has now emerged as a tradition of sorts for common people to celebrate free spirit of the nation. We at G-Cube also celebrated the Independence Day with great joy and enthusiasm. There was a festive spirit in the air….

Mango Mania at G-Cube

G-Cubians celebrated Mango Festival with full enthusiasm and spirit on 30th May 2009. This was an inter-departmental festival. The entire G-Cube was broadly divided into five teams and each team wore a color dress code. The festival started with ‘Let’s Check the Appetite’ game wherein the representative of each team had to eat maximum mangoes in 3 minutes. One participant….

Whole World is Our Canvas!

Well, not the world but yes, we literally had the whole office corner as a canvas for all the G-Cubians to express themselves. And to say that the results were simply amazing would be an understatement – The main central section is titled ‘Jalchabi’, and depicts various facets of today’s society. It shows urabization, people working hard, success, failure, stuck in the concrete jungle, trying….

Diwali Celebrations at GCS

G-Cube celebrated Diwali this year with loads of enthusiasm. We started with rangoli competition where teams had to use colors and flowers to depict any theme of their choice. Here are couple of rangolies that various teams created –   This was followed by JAM session and Ethnic Wear Fashion show. You can find more pictures of rangoli and other competitions over here –….

Essence of Social Inclusiveness

[flv:http://www.gc-solutions.net/blog/images-temp/stella-the-butterfly.flv 370 280] This movie is a result of one of the group activities that everyone here at G-Cube takes up from time to time for various events organized every month. This time some members of the Graphic Team decided to make a 3-D movie with a unique concept and universal appeal. The group started with initial brainstorming and finalized the concept…..

New Year Celebrations at GCS

G-Cube celebrated New Year Bash on 29th December that started with a painting competition on Global Warming. This time we moved away from the usual inter-department competition, and had intradepartmental teams. Belying initial skepticism, all the teams responded with such great enthusiasm that it had to be seen to be believed. Preparations started a week in advance, with teams brainstorming about….

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