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Posted on : February 1st, 2013
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The G-Cube blog is a platform for us to share our opinions and learning, stemming out of our experiences in the world of e-learning. It is an interactive forum, where a myriad of ideas converge to create a suitable atmosphere of knowledge sharing.

Most of our blogs are the written with the objective of sharing with like-minded people, the best of what we experience and learn during the course of our work in the industry. We have been associated with the training and learning industry for more than a decade and have grown with it. This creates in us the perspective to explore and comment – and with sharing it with our readers, we hope to construct a collaborative path of learning.

We also share interviews with industry experts – within G-Cube and beyond. These interviews bring to forth the wealth of learning from varied experiences and are a great source of practical knowledge. Through our blog, we also bring forth our opinions on whitepapers and research papers – regarding current ideologies, trends or technologies.

Our blog is also a forum for us to share more than what is strictly in the confines of work. ‘Fun at G-Cube’ is a corner for us to share the lighter moments of working at G-Cube. In addition to sharing knowledge, it gives us great pleasure to share these moments of pure, unadulterated fun!


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