Flipped Classrooms in Corporate Learning: Concept or reality?

Flipped Classrooms in Corporate Learning

The ways of Training and Learning in the corporate space are changing. With the advent of technology-enabled learning, corporate trainers are exploring newer ways of reaching out to learners. From a very ‘course-centric’ focus, trainers are now leaning towards ‘learner-centric’ models which require learners to take a more active role in their own learning.. One such learner-centric model being talked….

Online Vs. Face to Face Learning


Found an interesting study done by US Department of Education (courtesy Clive Shepherd) that objectively analyzes difference in effectiveness of online, blended and face-to-face learning practices. This study is a meta-analysis of over 100 researches done on this topic between year 1996 and 2008, and can be found here. Some of the key observations of this report that caught my….

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