How Infographics can be used in e-Learning


In this age of accelerating change and growth in information, it is becoming increasingly important for corporate learners to stay informed and keep learning. Technology-enabled learning has made information easily available and accessible, but this has also raised another concern – are we heading towards an information overload? Infographics is a solution for presenting information through palatable visual nuggets. This….

G-Cube Wins Deloitte Tech Fast 50 India – 2010 Award

It gives me great joy to announce that G-Cube has won Deloitte Tech Fast 50 India – 2010 award. This award takes into account an organization’s revenue growth over last three years, and selects top 50 organizations with fastest revenue growth. With this years award, G-Cube has made it to the Deloitte’s Fast 50 list second year in a row…..

Pico Projectors – Revolution that m-Learning is waiting for?


Mobile learning (m-learning) has been a buzz word in L&D circles for quite some time now. It has long been projected as the next big thing that’s going to hit elearning industry as there are more mobiles than laptops in the world, people spend lot of time travelling and hence have free time to learn, workforce in field doesn’t always….

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