Motion Based Learning: A Modern Turn On Game-Based Learning

Motion based learning

Game–based learning has slowly but surely been making an impact on the learning industry over past few years. This new way of learning has been successful across a variety of learners – from high-school and college students to corporate learners. Yes, the types of games that are being developed vary as per the audience profile. But as a mode of….

Creating Games for Learning: Strategies for Learning in a ‘Different’ Way


Game-based Learning (GBL) has been making a strong foray into the world of corporate training in the past few years. Games are exciting and create a lasting impact. They are interactive – drawing out even the most reluctant learner to experience, do and learn. But can this medium be really effective for learning, a medium which predominantly caters to entertainment?….

Yes, Games Based Learning Does Work – and here’s a Real Life Case Study

Game Based Learning

Games for learning have always had a bit of controversy around them – are they really useful, do they help increase retention of information, can they motivate an uninterested learner, or are they used just to ‘jazz’ up the learning. There are convincing arguments made by industry experts to prove both sides of the debate. We, as an organization are….

Game Based Learning- Can Learning Really be Fun?


Game based learning or GBL is gaining ground as an interactive way of learning, across a varied audience. It used to be a popular notion that only children or teenagers gain from game-based learning. But today, this notion is definitely changed, as many of us would candidly confess being more than a little interested in computer or mobile games. True,….

Game Based Learning – Fad or Future

Game Based Learning (GBL) is increasingly becoming an alternative way of training. But how effective can this medium be – the medium which has been traditionally used for entertainment? Our chat with Helen Routledge, GBL Instructional Design Manager at Pixelearning, revealed the answer and more. Game based learning caught her interest early on in her career and she is now….

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