The Top 11 Tools for Mobile eLearning Development


According to a 2012 survey of mobile learners, 99% believed the mobile format and presentation enhanced their learning, and it was found that 45% actually spent less time in training than their (non-mobile trained) peers, with no loss of comprehension. If you’re not getting into the mobile game with your training and eLearning initiatives, you’re falling behind. That said, it’s….

Making Mobile Learning Work – LearnX 2013 Panel Discussion Summary


It will be stating the obvious when I say that there is huge amount of interest in mobile learning across the globe. Technological shifts like movement away from Flash to HTML, and rapid adoption of tablet devices are shaking up how learning content is designed, and how learners access them. While the L&D teams and learning solution providers are quickly….

Enhance Your Mobile Learning Delivery with 7 Eye-openers.


mLearning has, slowly but surely, been creating a niche for itself in corporate training and learning. Even a decade ago mLearning was being created and utilized for learning – though sparingly. But in the past few years it has emerged as a sustainable learning platform. In addition to providing uninterrupted access, mLearning also provides a more learner-centric approach where the….

‘Mobile learning, just for the sake of it, is definitely not a good idea!’ – Some insights on Mobile Learning

In these times of ‘just-in-time’ learning, mobile learning is fast gaining popularity as a medium for learning across all learner groups. To dwell deeper into this growing area of interest for all learning enthusiasts, we bring an excerpt from an interview with Kapil Gupta – an e-learning professional with more than a decade’s experience in the field. Co-Founder and Director….

Smart Handhelds – Will They Change the Way We Work, Play, and Learn?

Change is a way of life and for the learning industry it is a every day reality. With newer technologies being available, our modes of learning are on a continuous state of evolution. We have moved on from paper to the computer, from desktops to laptops. And now with the advent of Smart-phones and other hand-held devices – ‘learning on….

LMS Client for Android – Challenges & Learnings


Mobile learning is heralded as the next big step in e-learning and developers across the industry are working on better solutions for the ‘on-the-go’ learners. G-Cube recently released Wizdom LMS client for Android platform that promises to deliver structured learning through mobile devices. Built on the Android 2.2 (Froyo), Wizdom’s mobile client is ready to support courses rich in multimedia….

UI Design Tips for Touch Screen Apps


I have been playing with a 7” inch Android based tablet for few weeks now, and as I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I see tremendous applications for this kind of device (if rightly priced) in productivity enhancement, and in learning and development in India like scenario, where workforce is highly distributed, and access to laptops and….

Will Tablets be for e-learning what Mobiles were for Telephony in India?


Mobile telephony has revolutionized India over last one decade. Today, we get free incoming calls and outgoing call rates are the cheapest in the world ($0.01/minute and going down). A fully functional smart phone is available for less than $100 and mobile network is available in remotest corner of the country. But the scene was very different just a decade….

Great Companies Listen To & Meet Customer Needs, Brilliant Ones Anticipate Them

Continuing with our Knowledge Sharing Series, we took great pleasure in chatting up with yet another stalwart of the e-learning industry – Mr. Bill Rosenthal.  He is the CEO of Communispond, which works towards actively developing communication skills to strengthen the talent within an organization. Bill has worked in learning domain for over two decades now. Among his many accomplishments,….

iPad, Kindle, and e-Learning


Apple launched iPad yesterday amidst lot of hype. It was slated to be Kindle killer and a serious threat to Netbooks. We try to analyze where would iPad fit in, and whether it will be for elearning what iPod was for music. iPad Vs Kindle First some facts – I have compared iPad – Wi-Fi + 3G model with Kindle….

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