Comparison of Free Virtual Classroom Systems


We recently did a research on free virtual classroom systems available in the market to meet a customer need for whom we had developed VILT content. Here is our comparative analysis that you may want to use to select the tool which best suits your requirements – Some other observations – App/Desktop sharing is limited to sharing either the full….

Tips for Conducting Successful Virtual ILT Sessions


By definition, a virtual classroom is a platform which enables the instructors and learners carry out a learning process over Web, in lieu of a traditional classroom. This definition is sometimes misconstrued to suggest that a virtual classroom should mimic an actual classroom in all features and characteristics, to attain effectiveness of learning. While some features of a Virtual Instructor….

Synchronous Or Asynchronous Learning?


To be rid of the regimens of learning – well, who does not want that? But learning, today, has become a part of our everyday lives. It is a necessity, if not a regimen! So while we make our peace with that, exploring the best ways and practices of imparting knowledge in the work environment have also been necessary. While….

ROI for Web Meeting Tools


Our workspace imitates the world around us, like art imitates life. No wonder then, as the world gets smaller, boundaries in the workspace also decrease. The first such boundary to break is that of distance. While it is imperative to have productive interactions, it is no longer necessary to make extensive plans for bringing busy colleagues at the same location…..

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