Online Learning Courses

With more than a decade of experience creating online learning for organizations across the globe, G-Cube has created its proprietary Off-the-Shelf content library.

Our online courses library has been developed by our panel of subject matter experts with help of G-Cube’s Instructional Designers making these courses highly effective.

These readymade online courses can help you quickly add new courses to your existing eLearning offerings or quick-start online learning initiative in your organization.

Key Features

  • These are top selling online courses, generally a need of all medium to large corporate.
  • Build with real life scenarios, these online courses benefit learners to better respond to critical situations
  • Unlimited User License with Life Time access SCORM Compliant – Can run on your Online Learning System (LMS)*
  • Learning Duration-each course ranging from 1-2 learning hours

Courses Catalog

  • Business Communication: These online courses will help your team to improve their business communication skills. See the List of Courses.
  • Personal Productivity: These online learning courses are designed to help the business professionals improve their personal productivity. See the List of Online Courses.
  • Sales Improvement: These courses are aimed for improving Salesman skills of the organization. See the List of Courses.
  • Team Management: These courses will help the Mid-level and Senior Managers understand various principles of skills management via online learning. See the List of Online Courses.
  • Work Culture: These online courses are intended to make your associates aware of the professional business culture, work life balance etc. List of Online Learning Courses.

If you are looking to initiate online learning in your organization or want to improve your eLearning portfolio, these cost effective courses can help you kick start your initiative in a few days.

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