Courses Library

With more than a decade of experience creating courses for organizations across the globe, G-Cube has created its proprietary Off-the-Shelf content library.

This course library has been developed by our panel of subject matter experts with help of G-Cube’s Instructional Designers making these courses highly effective.

These readymade courses can help you quickly add new courses to your existing e-Learning offerings or quick-start e-learning initiative in your organization.

Key Features

  • These are top selling courses, generally a need of all medium to large corporate.
  • Build with real life scenarios which benefit learners to better respond to critical situations
  • Unlimited User License with Life Time access SCORM Compliant – Can run on your Learning Management System (LMS)*
  • Learning Duration-each course ranging from 1-2 learning hours

Courses Catalog

  • Business Communication: These courses will help your team to improve their business communication skills. See the List of Courses.
  • Personal Productivity: These courses are designed to help the business professionals improve their personal productivity. See the List of Courses.
  • Sales Improvement: These courses are aimed for improving Salesman skills of the organization. See the List of Courses.
  • Team Management: These courses will help the Mid-level and Senior Managers understand various principles of skills management. See the List of Courses.
  • Work Culture: These courses are intended to make your associates aware of the professional business culture, work life balance etc. See the List of Courses.
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