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April 2017

New Possibilities Of Training In The FMCG Sector

Learning in the corporate world is an ongoing process and it's here that e-learning has truly found its footing (FMCG - Fast-moving consumer goods sector).

Feb 2017

Tourism & Hospitality Industry and E-Learning Technologies - Some Experiences and Insights

Adoption of e-learning technologies provides a definite competitive advantages for businesses today in all the leading industries of the world. This is especially true for the hospitality and tourism industry which relies up...

JAN 2017

E-Learning In The BFSI Sector In India: Challenges And Solutions

The need and popularization of e-learning in India is reflected in the growing numbers of e-learning companies as well as the domestic market as a whole.

Dec 2016

Conquering HTML5 As An Effective E-Learning Authoring

With the growing popularity of mobile devices

Nov 2016

Software And IT Systems Training: Getting It Right For Business Success

In this age of rapidly evolving technology, implementing a new software or IT system can have a positive impact on a business

Oct 2016

Storyboarding In E-learning: Tips To Save Time And Effort

Storyboarding creates the backbone of an e-course but this step in e-learning development has to be an efficient one. There are various stakeholders working together on a storyboard – the client, the subject matter experts, the graphic team, programmers and of course, the ID team.

July 2016

Utilizing Managed Learning Services To Deliver Effective Organizational Training

May 2016

E-learning Is Effective For Industry-Specific Training

Different industries have different training and learning needs. E-Learning industry has...

Sept 2016

Can The Game Metrics of Pokemon Go Be Utilized For Learning?

JUN 2015

Different Types of e-Learning and What Suits Me Best

e-Learning is nothing but the use of technology to connect teachers and students who are physically

JUN 2015

Online Learning Evolves: Brings Quality Education to the Learner

learning management system articles
MAY 2015

Game-Based Learning is Gaining More Attention

MAY 2015

Modern Employees are turning to e-Courses to Achieve their Professional Goals

APRIL 2015

Types of e-Learning Companies

APRIL 2015

How to provide relevant e-learning samples to customers?

Most corporate organizations need a system of training delivery that would make learning courses accessible to learners and track their progress on a continual basis.

MARCH 2015

The benefits of online learning courses

Rapid eLearning authoring tools are keeping


Why Vendors Provide Free Online Courses?


New features in Articulate Storyline Version & Their Use


How Mobile Learning is changing the Future of e-Learning


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