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Videos provide an easy, effective and cost friendly way of learning. With advancement in technology, videos have raised the ranks in terms of visual appeal and effectiveness. G-Cube has created and implemented video-based learning for a number of organizations with varying needs and different learner profiles. Putting our experiences and knowledge in a nutshell, we present 'Learning@Videos' an informative e-book that will help you understand the benefits of video-based learning and create a suitable video-based learning strategy. Download here, for free!

White Paper - LMS For Extended Enterprise


Dealership Network, Franchisees, Affiliates, Direct selling agents, Partner Organizations and similar extended network partners are critical for the success of large scale businesses like Automobile Industry, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication companies and so on. Thus, training the extended workforce companies can help organizations gain critical advantages including agility and access to valuable talent. Download this whitepaper to learn the whys and wherefores of extended workforce training.

White Paper - Content Repurposing

Drive Your Marketing Efforts with Content Repurposing

Repurposing increases the shelf-life of content. Content repurposing is transforming available learning content from one medium to another. Printed learning content or digital content such as presentation created in PowerPoint can be converted into online courses. Alternatively, specific content objects within a course can also be reused like images, graphics or an assessment.Content Repurposing can be adopted to create blogs, e-books or even social media posts. Download this whitepaper and explore the benefits of content repurposing.


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