Q. What type of content can I upload on WiZDOM LMS?

Our LMS supports all major formats including MS Word, MS PPT, MS EXCEL, Flash and HTML based content, Audio files, Video files, PDF and so on. This ensures that you can upload content quickly and efficiently – without any extra efforts towards conversion.

Q. What kinds of trainings can be conducted via your Learning Management System?

Our LMS supports Self-Paced learning (E-courses), manages Classroom Training as well as Blended Learning (Self-paced + Classroom)and has a multi-faceted social learning platform that includes blogs, wikis, discussion forums, news, announcements and so on. Assessments can also be conducted, as per need - Time bound or scheduled, non time bound or instant as well as tests mapped with e-course or classroom learning content. The LMS also has Virtual classrooms (Only for users in India)

Q.How much time does it take you to deploy your system for us?

Our LMS deployment timeline is anywhere between 5 to 20 months. The timeline is dependent on how customized the system is – plain vanilla deploymentsare quicker while customized systems take some time to get ready for deployment and then aligned to the organizational structure.

Q. Can your system be configured according to my requirement? Can WiZDOM LMS be customized?

Our LMS is totally customizable and can be designed as per your needs. The system can be aligned as per clients training processes, needs and requirements.

Q.How much training is needed to learn features of your LMS?

Our LMS is logically structured and very easy to master. For plain-vanilla deployed systems which have little customization and minimalistic features, training sessions lasting 5-10 days are sufficient. For more evolved systems with greater customization, training can be prolonged to a month o make sure that all users know the workings of the new system.

Q. What are various support options available?

We have three types of support options - Gold, silver and Bronze. They differ from each other on basis of various factors like - type of support required (E-mail/Phone/On-site) and average response time to your queries etc.

Q. Can your LMS be mapped to our training processes/ workflows?

Our LMS is compatible with all training processes and workflows. It can be easily integrated with the existing organizational processes/workflows to ensure seamless learning delivery and management.

Q. Can you software be hosted on my server? Can you host your LMS on your Server?

Our LMS can be implemented on both on Client server or G-Cube server, as per the needs of the client.

Q. What browsers does your system support?

WiZDOM LMS supports all major browsers including IE 8.0 or later version, Firefox 22.0 or later versions as well as Chrome 22 or later versions.

Q.your system responsive and mobile friendly?

Yes, LMS is created with a responsive design and is mobile-compatible to suit the needs of the modern learners.

Q. What are your various pricing models?

We have the Enterprise, Perpetual and Annual Pricing models – as per the needs of our clients.

Q. Is there any recurring cost to maintain your LMS?

There is an optional Annual Maintenance Contract based on your implementation type. We have several types of AMCs according to client's needs.

Q. Do you also have Pay-per-use model?

We provide a pay-per-use models for organizations who incur a lot of traffic on the system and have a large volume of assigned learners.This model is perfect for training companies who wish to disseminate their leaning content on our LMS – as per usage.

Q. Do I need to buy any software to run your LMS on our desktop & laptops?

No additional software is necessary for WiZDOM LMS to run on desktops or laptops – all you need is a browser and you're set to go!

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