What are the add-on features available in LMS of today?

An evolved Learning Management System can have many features that increase its functionality.

  • The LMS can be integrated with a social networking platform, which provides the learners an opportunity to collaborate and learn through social learning.
  • Another feature that can enhance the scope of a LMS is video based learning through integrated video players within the LMS.
  • LMS can also be fitted with an integrated webinar tool with the help of which the learners can attend live or pre-recorded sessions within the confines of the LMS.
  • A new-age LMS also provide the opportunity to access courses within the system, through mobile devices and keep the learner progress synched within the system. So, the learner can choose to learn trough a mobile device when travelling and on the computer when at office – his or her progress will reflect keeping both in mind.
  • While most LMS do have notifications as a basic feature, advanced ones use SMS to provide instantaneous updates on scheduled or upcoming courses.
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