What are Virtual Instructor-led trainings (VILTs)?

Trainees from far-flung offices of an organization often face the challenge of congregating at one place and time to attend trainings. Self paced e-learning can be a possible solution but sometimes it is imperative to have an instructor-led session for training to have its intended impact. Technology can help in conducting instructor-led trainings across geographical distances and time-differences. These sessions are termed Virtual Instructor–led trainings (VILTs).

Using new age V-SAT technology, virtual classroom (VCR) is made available to the learner. Contrary to the belief of some, the learner-end requirements are quite basic. A computer, internet connection and a good audio support is all that is needed for the workings of a basic VCR. An instructor can talk to the learners, as he or she would do in a classroom. There are however, some mandates that need to be followed in a VILT, that are different from that of classroom training.

  • Though the instructor leads the session, he or she might not have the same connect with the learners, as in an actual classroom. The courseware needs to have more depth in details provided, that would compensate for this.
  • Various interactive elements like role-play, question-answer sessions and quizzes can be built in to create a rapport between the instructor and the learners.
  • Chat can be used for ‘outside-the-class’ discussions. This can be a very strong tool in confidence building and bring out the voice of every learner in the session. These are also good in creating a sense of solidarity between the learners, though they might be miles apart.
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