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As businesses continue to be cautiously optimistic about growth, the learning industry is poised to take advantage of the single biggest factor in most companies’ growth plans i.e. engaging multiple audiences through learning opportunities. Learning budgets are on the rise, but today’s buyers are savvy and have high expectations. Today’s content buying community is looking for quality content at a cost effective prices.

If you are in the business of generating e-learning content for your organization’s use, for training on global products, or for creating custom on-line learning content for clients the one thing you have in common today is the need to develop content quickly and cost effectively. You need to meet growing client demands and keep up with the changing development practices. In this scenario, e-Learning outsourcing, if done right, can create strategic advantages for you, and you can leverage these advantages to effectively meet your customers’ needs with better bottomlines for your business.

Outsourcing Key Aspects

Some of the key aspects that you need to evaluate as part of your outsourcing strategy are:

  • How to ensure the quality and security of content?
  • Does your e-learning development partner have adequate infrastructure and resources to scale with your needs?
  • How can you manage any cultural mismatch?
  • Can there be any other strategic advantage besides cost? For example, does your outsourcing partner have expertise in upcoming technologies, such as HTML5 or mobile development, which you can leverage? Or, can your partner get you access to offshore markets?

G-cube Advantage

Here, G-Cube with over a decade of experience in designing and developing e-learning content for customers across the globe can act as the right partner for your outsourcing needs. Some of the advantages that G-Cube brings to the table are -

We area CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2000 certified company, one of only a handful of e-learning companies across the globe with such focus on quality and standards.

We have a 200+ team. Our infrastructure supports a quick ramp up to 300 associates. Apart from this, we have access to large pool of localization experts, AV artists, etc., for specialized services.

Our robust communication mechanism ensures complete sync between offshore teams. Our highly experienced managers are capable of executing e-Learning projects at any level.

Clients can leverage our Center of Excellence for emerging technologies like HTML 5, Android, iOS, etc. For interesting solutions, we can partner and open doors for you in the large Indian market.

What next?

If you are looking to develop quality e-Learning solutions using our outsourcing services, please click here to contact us. We can provide you with relevant case studies, customer testimonials, e-Learning samples, and proofs of our quality and timely deliveries. You can also e-mail us directly at info@gc-solutions.net.

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