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Beat your competition by empowering your sales force with a performance support system


Regular training for the Sales and Marketing Domain not only helps sales personnel develop new skills but also helps motivate them in the face of challenging targets.

Training in Sales and Marketing, delivers significant business benefits. Hence many organizations conduct regular trainings to improve sales technique, customer service skills and marketing expertise. This helps boost sales and contributes to a greater customer satisfaction.

Technology-aided learning effectively contributes for training the sales and marketing personnel, who are often out-of-office. It is more than just watching a presentation on a computer screen. Through hand-held devices, sales personnel can use a lot of interactive learning content such as quizzes, simulations and games. Live webcasts can be made interactive with instant feedback or question-and-answer sessions that create rooms for engaged learning.


Any organization's success depends on the quality of workforce. Training, Sales & Marketing functions are one of the most important and challenging tasks faced by business leaders.

  • E-Learning for Sales Training

    Sales force is highly mobile and they need a learning solution which they can carry with them.

    E-Learning for Marketing Training

    Difficulties of keeping pace with the regular updates of their own products and services.

    Sales Training, Marketing Training

    Information requirement by a salesman is vast. He needs to know about his company, customers and competition.

    Sales Training

    Low conversion rates are big de-motivators. Sales teams need continuous motivational doses and confidence boosters.

    Marketing Training

    Sales Teams should be expert in reporting, analysis and forecasting their targets. Knowledge of tools can make a big difference in their productivity.

    Sales Training

    Knowledge about organization specific sales processes is essential for every salesman, particularly for new entrants.


G-Cube has holistic solutions for sales and marketing teams. We have catered to various companies in different domains and geographies.

Sales Management Programs

Courses on how to manage the sales processes for the organization.

Client Management Programs

Empowers sales team with knowledge to manage the clients.

Sales Communication Programs

Courses aiding sales team with communication methods and strategies for quick closures.

Sales Presentation Programs

Building presentation skills on How to present the product / services as a solution to client's problems.

Sales Enablement Programs

Courses around motivating sales staff, improving confidence and building organization loyalty.

Sales Tool Trainings

General and company specific CRMS, Software and Applications Courses.

  • E-Learning for Marketing
  • sales-marketing-trainings


G-Cube has customized sales and marketing programs for fortune 500 companies under their belt. This imparts knowledge to their sales team, essential for their success. Here is an introduction to our work:

How to Appoint a Distributor

An award-winning course on how to appoint right distributors.

Product Trainings

Developed 30+ hours of products training modules for various Banks & Insurance Companies.

Dealer Network Training

Created courses for dealers of an automobile giant in Asia.

Branch Operations Training

Developed Role Specific training for managing & operating a Sales & Service Branch.

Seller Portal Training

Sales portal training to employees. This was for a very well known Ecommerce Company.

Just in Time Sales

Created 50 short nuggets for a training company for their client training requirement.

  • "Awesome job done by the team!!! It was a great job done by the team on the alpha versions till now. Looking forward to the similar support in other modules that are yet to be sent."
    Karen Arethina | Assistant Manager HR at Cavinkare

    Cavin Kare

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I am crying right now. Tears of joy! Sections 1-6 look amazing. You did a stellar job and there are only TWO OIL items! One requires an Xpaner to address first before you can proceed. The other is for GCube: Thank you so much! Fantastic work!!!"
    Rene Smid | Account Manager, Xpan


  • "The intermediate result is very good and it looks like a good support to learn risk assessment and management. You can encourage the team developing the course, it is yet quite impressive."
    Karthikeswaran Velayudam | Program Manager - Learning Solutions, Schneider Electric.


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