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Software can improve the productivity of your employees only if they know how to operate it properly. Else it may be a liability.

The modern corporate world is highly dependent on technology and, it is ever changing. To keep pace with business targets, organizations must adopt newer technology as and when launched and train its employees to utilize it on a continuous basis. However, this is easier said than done. The new software is often not available for a larger audience and training on a handful of computers can take a lot of time. Also, learners are often taken through descriptive passages about the software but do not get enough time to work on the new software to get familiar with its features. This leads to a marked lower output in the first few months of usage.

Software simulation is a model of software that demonstrates its key functions and operations. Learners can actually work with the simulation and get a hang of the actual software. Thus, software simulations allow experiential learning and not just learning through lectures, extensive literature and discussions. The simulation also provides a safe space for making mistakes and gives instant feedback. The entire learning process is thus more impactful and learners are able to retain the knowledge and able to perform better with the new software.


Software Application Developer and Client report the usability and adoption as their biggest challenge. Effective e-Learning tools and simulations can eliminate this handicap.

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    Custom software and enterprise software are built on innovative ideas often unknown to users. Training is thus imperative.

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    It is difficult to use the live software application for training due to risk of data security and permissions from management.

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    Custom Software have custom features. Experts and experienced users face difficulties operating it without proper learning.

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    It is essential to quickly train new hires on software before they can hit the production floor as most processes are driven via software.

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    Learning application software is a boring task. Without a proper instructional designing, the training courses can turn into boring sessions.

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    Clients as well as development companies often lack the knowledge to create courses based on the ID principles for maximum impact.


We create highly effective and engaging simulations which help employees gain hand-on experience and develop confidence.

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Software Simulations

We can create software simulations where users can train and retrain without risk of security on live software.

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Show Me / Try Me

These modules can help users to watch the software function of

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Innovation & Creativity

Fosters urge and skills to innovate and create new solutions to be in pace with business world.

Software Videos

We can shoot video of software using screen grabs, mix audio, voice over and create engaging long/short videos.

Leadership Management

General Leadership programs based on leadership concepts are customized as per the organizational needs.

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Personality Management

Personality Development, Leadership Skills Development and Brand Management.

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G-Cube is closely associated with business leaders to create simulation-based learning solutions.

Business Simulations
Business Simulations

We created a business simulation for the Sales personnel of a large retail company. A first of its kind, it was a very successful training tool.

Conflict Management Courses
Conflict Management Courses

Game-based training was created on inter-departmental conflict management course for the employees at the middle and higher managerial level of a management firm.

Financial Policies
Financial Policies

G-Cube created a series of e-courses on budgeting processes for training the managers of a Financial Management company.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning

Off-the-Shelf courses were implemented on Fundamentals of Strategic Planning for the Senior Leadership of an organization.

Investment Management Program
Investment Management Program

A series of Investment Management e-courses were created for a premium Leadership Training Institute.

Business Ethics
Business Ethics

An animation based video was created on business ethics for a large conglomerate.

  • "Awesome job done by the team!!! It was a great job done by the team on the alpha versions till now. Looking forward to the similar support in other modules that are yet to be sent."
    Karen Arethina | Assistant Manager HR at Cavinkare

    Cavin Kare

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I am crying right now. Tears of joy! Sections 1-6 look amazing. You did a stellar job and there are only TWO OIL items! One requires an Xpaner to address first before you can proceed. The other is for GCube: Thank you so much! Fantastic work!!!"
    Rene Smid | Account Manager, Xpan


  • "The intermediate result is very good and it looks like a good support to learn risk assessment and management. You can encourage the team developing the course, it is yet quite impressive."
    Karthikeswaran Velayudam | Program Manager - Learning Solutions, Schneider Electric.


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