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Create engaging Technical Trainings with E-Learning

Technical trainings are often most time-consuming to develop within an organization. However, it is evident that the time, energy as well as money invested in technical training can increase skills for of employees and improves productivity for companies. Employees who stay on top of technical advancements through training and certification programs can experience greater Careers opportunities. Thus it is important for organizations to ensure that their employees have ample opportunities of the same.

With e-Learning, technical trainings can be made impactful by aligning it to the learner's preferences. At G Cube, we make technical training engaging by re-thinking on the content and not just concentrate on technical details. We include practical examples or case studies to make the content more engaging and effective. It helps learners extract the knowledge out of the learning module and actually apply it to their work.


With the tremendous technical development in all industries across the globe, creating impactful technical trainings and engaging content needs to be done on a continuous basis.

  • Technical Trainings

    Technical trainings needs to be created as and when new techniques are introduced. The process is continuous and any delay can greatly impact the standard of work across the organization.

    E-Learning for Technical Trainings

    Trainings demand for customization as per the topic and the learners' understanding of it. This makes some courses very long and detailed.


    Technical trainings are mostly considered drab and boring.and It is not uncommon to note that learners' interest levels arises low.


    Most technical trainings are mandatory. This makes completion rates high but retention is low.

    Technical Trainings

    Technical trainings are mostly text-based with little opportunities of actual hands-put to practice. Thus learners feel under-confident.

    E-Learning for Technical

    Technical Trainings must be provided on time.The content needs to be engaging and should have ample room for practice. It is a combination that is difficult to create in a traditional corporate training scenario.


G Cube has created many technical courses for varied audiences from technical as well as non-technical background. Some of our solutions are:

Professional Trainings

Technical Courses that improve professional strengths and develop overall capabilities of the employees, not just within the purview of their job deliverable.

Technical Product Trainings

Informative courses that concentrate on providing technical details of products.

Technical Process Trainings

Technical processes within an organization can be taught with these courses.

Core Technical Trainings

These are hard-core technical courses typically teaching how to use an equipment or software programs.

Games or Simulations

Simulations or games which teach technical skills through experiential means.

Sales Tool Trainings

General and company specific CRMS, Software and Applications Courses.

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G-Cube's Technical Trainings solutions are engaging yet impactful. It helps learners gain skills and retain them longer to gain expertise in their area of work. Our experience in this domain includes:

Course on Financial Software

Developed an engaging course on the working of a financial software for a leading international bank.

Course of Healthcare software

Developed a course for newly implemented software for a leading healthcare institution.

Course on Documentation

A course for a Manufacturing company to create avenues of automatic documentation through organizational software.

Course on Clinical Supervision

For a Healthcare company we developed a course on using software for adequate clinical supervision.

Website simulation

We developed a simulation to help employees work on an online supply website. This was for a Hospitality chain.

Course on Telecommunication software

For a telecommunication company we created a course to work on new and complicated software for satellite connection.

  • "Awesome job done by the team!!! It was a great job done by the team on the alpha versions till now. Looking forward to the similar support in other modules that are yet to be sent."
    Karen Arethina | Assistant Manager HR at Cavinkare

    Cavin Kare

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I am crying right now. Tears of joy! Sections 1-6 look amazing. You did a stellar job and there are only TWO OIL items! One requires an Xpaner to address first before you can proceed. The other is for GCube: Thank you so much! Fantastic work!!!"
    Rene Smid | Account Manager, Xpan


  • "The intermediate result is very good and it looks like a good support to learn risk assessment and management. You can encourage the team developing the course, it is yet quite impressive."
    Karthikeswaran Velayudam | Program Manager - Learning Solutions, Schneider Electric.


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