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G-Cube is looking forward to work with channel partners to sell its innovative learning technology solutions.

With more and more organizations opening their arms to technology-aided learning, the business prospects have been growing monumentally within the learning industry. If you have the passion to profit from this growing industry, then opportunity is knocking your door.

G-Cube is looking for Channel Partners who have a potential to sell new-age learning solutions and be a part of our exponential growth story.

Who can partner with us?

Independent Software Venders (ISV)

G-Cube brings in world class LMS, as identified by Gartner and other leading firms, and content development capabilities to give your existing capabilities large scale implementations. G-Cube can engage with you right from the RFI stage to win and implement solutions that need learning technologies.

LMS vendors

G-Cube's custom content services can be utilized by LMS venders to extend end-to-end learning solutions for the clients. Learning solutions can be quickly and efficiently implemented when the learning platform comes along with effective custom content.

Content vendors

Organizations specializing in selling learning content can also gain from the e-learning advantage by selling our LMS-based solutions to clients, be it an on-premise enterprise-wide LMS implementation or a Cloud-based solution.

Change Management companies

G-Cube can create appropriate training material and provide the technology platform for easy and effective training dissemination, aiding the process of change management within organizations of all sizes and varied requirements.

Training organizations

G-Cube's customized LMS products or custom content services can help training organizations create effective and end-to-end solutions for their clients.

HRO Services companies

Most organizations that need HR solutions would benefit from end-to-end training services that come along with them. Thus, the partnership of HR Services and G-Cube's Corporate Training Expertise will undoubtedly be a successful one.

Prerequisites for The Partnership

  • E-Learning for Sales Training

    Sales Experience:
    Partner must have an experience of selling technology or educational/training products.

    E-Learning for Marketing Training

    Office in the Geography:
    They must have a physical office in the region they want to partner for.

    Sales Training, Marketing Training

    Market Presence:
    The partner should also have some established offline and online presence in the area where the organizations that have potential to consume e-learning products.

    Sales Training

    Sales Team Staff:
    A channel partner will need to have dedicated sales staff for pursuing leads and cross-selling G-Cube products and services.

    Marketing Training

    Domain Knowledge:
    The partner should also have the primary knowledge of learning technologies or training.

    Sales Training

    Positive Reputation:
    The partner should have positive reputation in the market in terms of good customer reviews, successful case studies, etc.

Partnership Benefits

Handsome Commission

For their efforts, our partners will be paid handsome commission as per industry standards, with the amount increasing with increased sales.

New Services with Zero Investments

To start the partnership, our channel partners do not have to invest or incur any costs.

Actionable Business Leads

G-Cube will provide actionableleads to the Channel partners and will expect workable links from them.

Product Trainings

G-Cube will train partner's employees on various products and services. We will keep updating them on latest versions and appropriate customizations.

Product Demos

G-Cube will grant access to demos and samples through a secure channel to be showcased to the customers.

Sales Support

Channel Partners will also receive adequate marketing support and collaterals, which will help them sell better.

Market Research

Based on our experiences, we will share relevant information with our partners to help them understand the industry better and cater to them effectively.

Partnership Opportunities Open for: US, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific


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