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eLearning: Changing The Way We Learn – A Financial Express Research

November 19, 2015: Financial Express, India's leading magazine has recently published a report on the state of e-Learning in India. The report also includes G-Cube's CEO Manish Gupta's insights.

The report says - India has one of the largest education infrastructures in the world. But it is still not sufficient to meet the educational needs considering the geographical vastness and population of our country. E-Learning is transforming education sector in a very innovative manner and meeting its ever-increasing need. The current size of the e-learning industry in India is $700 million but with increasing availability of computers and broadband internet, it has the potential to grow further by at least 40-50% over the next five years. Starting with self-paced computer-based trainings and mostly text-based content, the e-learning industry is now evolving every day by utilizing the latest in technology and learning pedagogy. In this light, mobile-enabled solutions are becoming very useful – especially for corporate trainings.

"The trend now is to utilise the mobile device to provide on-the-job training as well – through short videos or audio bits, which can be consumed quickly and applied instantly. To deliver a more lifelike experience, motion-sensing technology of Kinect in Xbox 360, Leap Motion, Tobii etc., can be harnessed. By making learning 'motion-based' physical skills can be taught in a virtual environment with ample room for mistakes, re-tries and practice," says Manish Gupta , CEO & Co- Founder, G-Cube.

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