A Glance at Popular E-Learning Trends that will Improve Your Business Value

Posted on : December 14th, 2018
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Emerging Scope of Microlearning, Gamification, Augmented Reality, Performance Support Tools & More for Workforce Training

Today, e-learning industry is continuously evolving with an increased number of possibilities for anytime access, personalization and convenience. The year 2018 witnessed some of the best e-learning trends which focused on decision-making, responsive learning, collaboration, effective management and more. Modern learners are more connected, and all thanks to Augmented Reality, gamified interfaces, bite-sized content delivery, slick animations, interactive videos and simulations, that people get the right information at the right time. Organizations are pitched against a backdrop of bridging employee skills gaps, revive their talent approach and train their workforce to best fit for the future.

It has been the year of new methods, new innovations and new strategies, which make learning more engaging and fun. In today’s modern scenario, learning is not merely an instruction, but the flow to bring learning to the people during their entire digital experience. Let us discuss some of the top trends that have reshaped the entire workplace training landscape:


The fun thing with technology is that it is always giving us tools to try new things to enhance training delivery effectiveness. VR and AR are the latest additions to the options array. While the mass adoption of VR is still a few years away due to hardware costs and fidelity issues, there is a good scope of AR in the future. Today, awareness of both technologies has reached the right threshold level, resulting in creating customized as well as innovative e-learning solutions for an exceptional learning experience.

✤ Gamification

Games in e-learning have been quite popular in increasing team bonding and collaboration by adding fun and motivation for the participants. Gamification has been around for some time now and organizations have realized the benefits of using scores, badges and leaderboards to boost learner engagement and retention levels.

✤ Microlearning

The new-age learner is more focused on accessing bite-sized lessons on their personalized mobile devices. Short content nuggets can be delivered in the form of infographics, mini games, podcasts, short videos and other formats. Podcasts have become quite popular forms of micro content where experts share their ideas and experiences. These short duration audio files can be shared time and again with different users.

✤ Performance Support Tools (PSTs)

These are the learning aids that provide on-the-job support to the workforce at their point of need. PSTs fit perfect for informal as well as formal training to facilitate the application of skills and expertise. These have proved to be effective tools to boost workforce performance, simplify complex tasks at work and easily familiarize learners to new processes and systems.

Ultimately, the most sought-after learning trends that are discussed above will lead to a smarter workforce and a better workplace. We strike the right balance between creating economic value for our stakeholders and delivering innovative experiences that vow our customers. Our services range from formal solutions such as Rapid Authoring, Virtual Instructor-led Training, Mobile Learning, Gamification, Simulations, Microlearning Solutions, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) solutions to informal solutions such as Collaboration Platforms and Mentoring Ecosystems, Performance Support Tools and more. In addition, we also have our own G-Cube Learning Management System (LMS) which comes under Enterprise, Extended and Mobile App versions.

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