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Gamified Learning

Game-based Approach for Corporate Training: Learning Can be More Fun – Infographics

By Jyoti Sabharwal | February 4th, 2019

Whether it is a classroom setting or online corporate environment, the adoption of game-based learning approach has been widely adopted.

Business Goals

Aligning the Diversified Learning Needs to Business Goals

By Jyoti Sabharwal | January 31st, 2019

While working on any learning solution it is very important to understand the training needs and how the proposed learning

Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 4

Game-based Learning is the Popular Buzzword for Diverse Industries – Part 4

By Jyoti Sabharwal | January 14th, 2019

On the whole, game-based learning will remain the popular buzzword in the future also, with an increased level of collaboration,

Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 3

Replacing Classroom Approach with Gamified E-learning for the Retail Sector – Part 3

By Jyoti Sabharwal | January 11th, 2019

Another instance where we delivered game-based e-learning was for the Retail sector. The primary need for this industry is to

Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 2

Game-based Learning for Corporate Training: A Promising Trend for Today & Tomorrow – Part 2

By Jyoti Sabharwal | January 9th, 2019

Sometimes, people confuse the term ‘gamification’ with serious games. The former is all about applying gaming mechanics with non-gaming context

Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 1

Diving into the Emerging Scope of Learning Games for Workplace Training at the Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 1

By Jyoti Sabharwal | January 8th, 2019

One of the most promising things about technological changes is that it happens at a very fast pace. This is

Modern E-Learning Strategies

Incorporate A Blend Of Modern E-Learning Strategies- Microlearning, Gamification & Theme-based Learning

By Jyoti Sabharwal | August 17th, 2018

Driving Effective Change Management Process At The Workplace We are living in an era where nothing remains the same and

Continuous learning

Embracing Continuous Learning Engagement Through Adaptive, Discovery & Pull Learning Approaches

By Jyoti Sabharwal | April 4th, 2018

With ever-evolving technological developments and innovations at workplace, businesses are becoming more efficient. Continuous learning at the workplace has been

Instructional Designing – In Layman’s terms

By Jyoti Sabharwal | October 17th, 2007

How many of us understand what it is? Most of us who are going to read this forum would probably