Best Learning Management System to Meet Training Needs

Posted on : October 3rd, 2019
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Deploying the Best Learning Management System to Meet Pertinent Training Needs

Corporate LMSs help to upload, track quickly, and deliver online courses for training and development purposes. Modern corporates utilize the best learning management system to provide technology-aided and ROI-aligned solutions. KPI-driven learning, assessment engine, just-in-time learning, skills-gap analysis, and so on. The best LMS systems hold the potential to track individual progress, generate reports, bridge skill-gaps, enhance employee retention, and overall business growth.

Best Learning Management System

Today, organizations are shifting from traditional classroom-based approach to e-learning delivery to optimize training effectiveness. The best learning management system caters to personalized learning objectives and performance goals. There are several new-age LMSs implemented within organizations from diverse industry verticals. The best LMS systems that are evolving in today’s marketplace include:

Litmos LMS

The best learning management system that perfectly fits for internal and external workforce training. Litmos LMS is targeted for established companies and midmarket firms. Key features of the LMS include- gamification, assessments, custom branding, localization, eCommerce, SCORM compliant, mobile-enabled, real-time reporting, and more.

G-Cube LMS

The efficient learning management software which delivers technology-aided solutions for geographically spread audiences. The proprietary LMS meets the pertinent needs of learners with more than 100 implementations for hundreds of clients across the globe. The new-age features of G-Cube LMS include- gamified learning, mobile apps, virtual assistant, rapid authoring, KPI-linked learning, analytics engine, video streaming, assessment engine, and so on. Furthermore, G-Cube LMS is counted under the coveted Top 50 LMS Listing 2019 by Craig Weiss, making it one of the best LMS systems in the e-learning industry.


A modular LMS with a simple design supports extensive features through mobile apps and seamless integrations. The cloud-based LMS is utilized by organizations, whether small or large, to manage complex training programs. The key features of Docebo LMS include- eCommerce, Adyen integration, Go2Training, AICC compliant, gamification, and more.


The intuitively-designed LMS with an easy to navigate interface imparts incredible learning and teaching experience. Some of the significant features of Blackboard LMS include- mobile-driven education, integration, social collaboration, blended learning, and others.

In today’s digital era, there is ample of information around everyone, but we need the right platform to access and assess it. So, this calls for a shift from tedious classroom training to a more dynamic, self-paced, and collaborative e-learning approach. Consequently, this improves the scope for the best learning management system at the workplace to streamline the entire training process. If you are looking for a modern training platform that drives workforce performance, increases ROIs, and overall growth, then G-Cube LMS can be an ideal choice. The significant features of G-Cube LMS align with the latest e-learning trends such as microlearning, gamification, social learning, mobile-aided delivery, and more. Ultimately, you can deliver personalized training on new products, compliance, onboarding, and soft skills more effectively. Hence, the robust e-learning systems can automatically track learner performance and measure the overall success of corporate training. Do you want to know more insights of G-Cube LMS and how it can boost the overall training ROI and learning uptake? Then, you can click here to request a free demo.

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