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Latest Trends Shaping The Future of Learning And Development In Organizations

by Anubha Goel | October 26th, 2017
Category :LMS

With the advancement of technologies, use of mobiles, robust learning platforms and globalization, the face of employee training is changing


Next Generation LMS Keeps The BFSI Sector Up-to-date And Compliant

by Bharat Jain | October 3rd, 2017
Category :LMS

“Being Compliant” – is often the mantra followed by most Banking Organization. Compliance continues to be a top concern as

LMS for Automobile Industry

Digital Transformation Of Automobile Sector With Enterprise Learning Management System

by Anubha Goel | July 31st, 2017
Category :LMS

Digitization has led to huge revolutions that occur across different business aspects. Automobile manufacturers have started implementing technology-enabled learning and

LMS Employee Training Software

Increasing Use Of Employee Training Software With The Spread Of Digitization

by Anubha Goel | July 20th, 2017
Category :LMS

Today, business is changing faster than ever. Changing customer demands, a tight labor market and increasing impact of e-business is

LMS Software for Safety Compliance

The Effective Use of LMS Software for Safety Compliance

by Arunima Majumdar | June 20th, 2017
Category :LMS

Managing safety at the workplace requires a balance between the compliance measures to be taken and an understanding of work

LMS successfully increase sales

LMS Utility For Content Providers: Helping Content Companies Sell Better, Market Better

by Arunima Majumdar | December 29th, 2016
Category :LMS

The utility of learning management systems is ubiquitous across different industry domains and varied learner profiles – there’s something that

LMS Trends 2016

Recent LMS Trends That Affirm The Continuing Increase Of LMS Popularity For Corporate Training

by Arunima Majumdar | December 16th, 2016
Category :LMS

Modern organizations are now making investments in corporate training and implementing learning management systems (LMSs) to automate training as well

LMS - Corporate Learning

Understanding Dominant LMS Trends: What Can We Do To Align LMSs To Learning?

by Arunima Majumdar | December 29th, 2015
Category :LMS

For the last decade or so the popularity of Learning Management Systems, have been on a steady rise across varied

e learning for healthcare

E-learning Solutions in the Healthcare Sector: Creating Knowledge and Enlightenment

by Arunima Majumdar | August 17th, 2015
Category :LMS

Catering to the growing numbers and the varied learning needs, e-learning opens us to a world of possibilities. In recent

Trends in LMS Content

How is Content Created for the Modern LMS: Trends in LMS Content?

by Arunima Majumdar | April 30th, 2015
Category :LMS

The corporate world is in a state of continuous flux and it has changed face tremendously in the last few

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