Continuous Learning with Online LMS is the Key for Holistic Performance enhancement in the Corporate environment

Posted on : December 17th, 2019
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As the year ends, is it time to review employee performance already?  Are you still unsure of who your key performers are, who has shown sustained growth, or who can utilize a much-needed direction to perform and attain desired results? For most organizations, the process of an annual performance review has been strengthened with a year-round process of checks and measures. Frequent checks on how an employee is performing are followed by need-based personalized learning aligned to emergent performance gaps. Learning and development thus are now closely aligned to performance – rather than just compliance or preemptive business challenges. Helping them attain the need to create a continuous avenue for learning, Online LMS Systems can suitably sustain the need for corporate learning and human capital development.

Learning with Online LMS

The learning preferences of modern corporate employees are very evident from their evident digital footprint.

● Learning must be short and need-aligned.

● Newer mediums like video or podcasts has clear benefits

● Most importantly – learning must be embedded in the daily work-life of the employees.

So, there is a lot of merit in organizations that are open to trying out newer technologies and evolved online LMS that complement an efficient framework of performance assessment.

According to leading research and analysis body Gartner, by the year 2022, more than 30% of large organizations will move from a one-size-fits-all performance management approach to a more personalized and targeted approach that will meet with the unique objectives of business functions. By inference, corporate learning, too, will have to move out of the shell of ‘one-size-fits-all’ and adopt a more targeted approach.

Legacy online learning management systems have looked at the practical side of learning and training delivery – focusing more on features like scheduling, registration, and reports on learning progress. With the need to adopt a more targeted and personalized approach, Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) streamline the need for personalized learning through learning paths, targeted learning content, and channels that provide learners, not just a variety of content but learning content that is most relevant for their development. 

Also, learners can access the learning better, utilize it more, and identify learning resources that can help them on a continuous path of professional betterment.  LXPs also stand apart from traditional online LMS with added features that improve the learning experience.

Virtual Learning Assistant: Artificial intelligence can enable learning that is intelligent and data-driven. AI systems understand learning behavior at an individual level and utilize it to deliver personalized learning. These chatbots can answer questions and queries, aid with learning or assignment tasks, and reinforce learning with adequate reference materials. These intelligent virtual assistants are also enhancing adaptive learning features so that every employee can learn at their own pace or time frames.

Social learning: Conversation forums, discussion boards, surveys – and more. LXPs that supplement the learning experience with Social learning avenues have an extra edge. With the focus on user-generated content through a collaborative effort, LXP makes content generation seamless and makes way for an engaged process of learning.

Content curation from Varied sources: There is no dearth of information in the digital world. But often, the lack of engagement that brings about the death of Learning stems from just misalignment of learning needs and pertinent content. LXPs can curate content from multiple sources – online or within the organization and align them as per the attributes of the learner. Various formats and delivery mediums make sure that learner interest does not waiver – and learning is elevated from being a mundane task to something that the learner is actively engaged with.

Performance, learning and development are part of a continuous circle that strengthens the talent pool of an organization. So, if you are serious about performance, its time you take a good look at modern learning platforms – including the Learning Experience Platform that can change the way your organization grows.

Arunima Majumdar

Arunima is the Marketing Head at G-Cube. She loves exploring and blogging about innovations in training & learning for the new-age corporate sector.

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