Shifting Towards Modern E-learning Landscape through Best Mobile LMS

Posted on : July 22nd, 2019
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The millennial workforce wants to learn at their own pace of time and convenience. Therefore, organizations deploy the best mobile LMS to access online courses anytime, anywhere, and the device of their choice.

Best Mobile LMS

Whether you are working on your laptop in the office or looking for information on your smartphone while at home, you can access the e-learning courses tailored to your needs. Do you need to update your employees on industry compliance? Or do you want to engage your audience with short content nuggets to help them perform better? Or you may want to excite the target learners with games and simulations. Mobile or m learning is the latest buzzword when it comes to delivering training at the point of need using a robust learning management system (LMS).

Most of the organizations utilize learning management system as a mobile app to deliver training on compliance, onboarding, sales, and more. As a result, learning on the go improves the overall levels of engagement, knowledge retention, and organizational performance. The best mobile LMS leaves a huge training impact by providing learning in the hands of people, whenever and wherever they want it. There are various reasons why a mobile LMS application is essential for corporate workforce training. These include:

● Increasing millennial workforce

Millennials are considered as the driving force for training and development. Their short attention span rises the need to use personalized mobile devices to ensure just-in-time learning. With technological advancement, it is essential for modern learners to undergo training anytime and anywhere to attain organizational success.

Driving workplace performance

With an increasing number of employees spread across different demographics, there is a need for organizations to shift from traditional classroom to personalized m learning approach. To effectively retain knowledge and apply it in real-life workplace situations, performance support tools are utilized. For instance, when 5-10 minutes of video nuggets delivered on mobile devices leave the right impact on learners’ minds. Videos entice and educate learners on how to increase their performance and boost overall business productivity. Training delivered across mobile devices enables such performance tools to be accessed anytime and anywhere, even offline.

Meeting needs of the remote workforce

Organizations from automobile, retail, pharmaceutical, and other domains are increasingly leveraging the benefits of a mobile LMS app for their remote workforce. For instance, extended workforce such as dealers in the automotive sector cannot benefit from classroom training sessions. Therefore, a centralized mobile learning management system is deployed to impart training anytime, anywhere, and even on the go. As a result, m learning drives learner collaboration, efficiency, and overall learning uptake.

The robust mobile learning apps deliver a personalized and continuous learning experience for all. Undoubtedly, mobile learning is an ideal approach to provide instant information when learners seek knowledge at their fingertips. The latest mobile apps support eLearning delivery with real-time performance tracking and reducing costs and time associated with the traditional learning approach. G-Cube LMS is the best mobile LMS when it comes to delivering an unparalleled learning experience for globally dispersed learners. Features such as Automated Notifications, Responsive Design, Video Library, Tracking Progress, and others cater to the pertinent training needs of all. If you want to know more, write at [email protected].

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