Effective Training on Compliance and Patient Safety Using Robust Healthcare Learning Management System

Posted on : June 12th, 2019
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Today, the healthcare industry faces a plethora of issues such as difficulty in meeting changing demands of the globally dispersed workforce, the launch of new drugs, innovation in medical technologies, and more. To keep up with evolving health learning management system and compliance regulations, healthcare companies need to adopt effective e learning strategies. As a result, there comes the need to foster a continuous e learning culture for healthcare to stay compliant and competitive.

healthcare learning management system

Some of the leading healthcare companies are investing in new-age healthcare Learning Management Systems (LMS) to deliver effective ecourses while ensuring the delivery of right quality products and optimal patient care. The right kind of learning management tools help to mitigate training costs, boost employee engagement, knowledge retention, and automate overall training process. Companies deploy some of the best online course management systems to train their professionals on changing medical procedures and other developments.

Benefits of Modern LMS in Healthcare

In a domain like healthcare, where developments are constant, it is crucial to remain updated about new drugs, services, and medical procedures. With digital transformation, companies are using healthcare learning management systems because of their effectiveness and scalability. Top benefits of using modern LMSs in the healthcare industry are discussed as follows:

Create custom online courses

The new-age healthcare learning management systems support automatic tracking, reporting, ecourse management, and other features. These aid employees to access different kinds of e learning courses based on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and more. The modern LMS also-

● Enables healthcare professionals to organize personalized ecourses for employees to spread across diverse locations.

● Aids trainers to create online assessments incorporating interactive graphics and animations to drive maximum learner engagement and knowledge retention.

Deliver continuous training for laboratories

Healthcare companies use e learning platforms to deliver training content on patient safety, industry compliance, and more. Effective training delivery results in optimum employee performance, engagement, and higher retention levels. The LMSs also support-

● The effective management of online learning courses to familiarize employees with medical equipment and procedures adopted in the labs.

● Employees also receive instant feedback through online discussions, thereby helping them to learn more and perform better.

● The platform also supports automatic tracking of employees’ progress during the training program.

Use 21 Part 11 Compliant LMS  

E learning solutions help healthcare representatives to create, develop, track, and deliver training content. Modern LMSs utilized by the healthcare sector are compliant with 21 Part 11 regulations. They serve several features which include-

● The 21 Part 11 compliant learning management platform ensures the delivery of optimum quality products and patient safety.

● The LMS provides a secure and regulated platform to share confidential information.

● The 21 Part 11 compliant robust LMS supports automated tracking of audit logs and learning activities to ensure that healthcare companies meet FDA audit requirements.

● Automatic notification feature of LMS helps learners to get updates on mandatory compliance training sessions, course expiry date, and more.

● Overall, the reliable training platform enhances the overall experience of products and services for potential clients.

With the pace of change in medical technologies and industry regulations, healthcare companies are using e learning platforms to improve patient safety and remain ahead of the curve. Also, employees working in this industry need to be adequately trained and certified before undergoing complex medical procedures. Some of the popular learning management systems such as G-Cube LMS, Blackboard, SumTotal LMS, and others provide custom online learning courses to cater to the pertinent needs of the healthcare workforce. Counted amongst the top elearning management systems in India, our proprietary G-Cube LMS holds a niche in delivering custom solutions for diverse industry verticals. With the support of a myriad of features such as performance tracking, automated reporting, social collaboration, industry compliant, gamification, and more, the G-Cube LMS serves it all. For more details, write to us at [email protected].

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