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Posted on : December 6th, 2018
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Vivek Pandey Success Story at G-Cube

Vivek Pandey is the Vice President at G-Cube and has been serving the organization from the last 14 years. He is highly ambitious sales expert who has successfully modeled great offshoring paths for big enterprises. His areas of proficiency include Strategic Planning & Development, Market Research & Analysis Product/Service Development, Change Management, Account Acquisition & Retention and more across varied parts of US, UK and Europe. More about his experiences and individual growth during his entire journey at G-Cube:

Q1. Share your journey at G-Cube with us?

Having spent more than a quarter of my life here, there’s a special bond with G-Cube. Starting from a passionate team of 20 people and reaching to this scale is in itself a feeling which can’t be explained in words. Personally, it has been exciting, enriching and rewarding.

Q2. What challenges were faced by you while working with G-Cube and how you overcome them?

It’s very natural for a small self-funded start-up to have initial challenges. I can recall and perhaps list 100s of initial challenges. But the point is, problems are never problems, they are opportunities. Why do organizations hire people? It’s to solve problems!

Q.3. Tell us about a time when things didn’t go the way you wanted– like a new Business /new Client/Promotion you wanted and didn’t get, or a project that didn’t turn out how you had hoped?

As sales people, we have to face hundreds of rejections before one customer win! It was very stressful for a while when we overhauled our sales strategy. We included offshore geographies for new business opportunities and it was tough going for the initial 12 – 18 months. But we persevered and after many ups and downs, we achieved lucrative outcomes. This lesson in perseverance was a very strong motivation and we have not stopped since then.

Q4. Who is your role model, and why?

Well! I have had many inspirations both within the workplace and beyond. But I’ve never looked at someone as “role model”. One of my inspirations has been the life of top cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar. He was positive, calm, and confident. He was always happy with his achievements and continued to strive for bigger and better in what he loved doing.

Q.5. How do you maintain work life balance and what do you work towards in your free time?

I’ve been a sprinter all my career. Sometimes the sprints are long and rest periods are short and vis-a-versa. I have to shift priorities when work demands more attention. My free times are always with family and friends to celebrate success and life!

Q.6. What is one misconception people have about you?

I don’t know much on this part – but someone told me long back that I’m unapproachable. Totally a wrong conception.

Q.7. What are you passionate about?

Apart from other passions, I like being socially active. I have lots of friends and acquaintances and continue to embrace more relationships. In sales, it’s complementary. Every day you meet new people, learn new things and develop relationships.

Q.8. If you could be anyone else, who would it be?

A soldier 100%. That was a fascinating dream! I was unlucky, though.

Q.9. A day in G-Cube when you felt delighted?

Many. But I’m personally fond of my first client acquisition that resulted into a huge business back in 2005.

Q.10. What advice would you give to the fellow G-Cubians?

It is important to have a purpose in life. A purpose to come to work. Without purpose you just drag yourself to office. But when you have a purpose, you have hunger. Secondly, it’s very important to have a financial goal. If you have it – you’ll do everything possible wherever you are and will inch towards it. From time to time, you may need to re-look at those goals and purposes. That’s how the work and your efforts marry and leads to some impeccable results that makes your organization stay ahead of the curve.


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