G-Cube Celebrates “Summer Fest”

Posted on : May 25th, 2011
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With summer sneaking in on us & the mercury soaring outside, G-Cube was abuzz with colors and a splash of imagination on Friday, May 20th. Men and women walked around in printed summer clothes with flowers pinned in their hair, beach shirts, bermudas and hats.

This was not a regular day. G-Cubians were ready to beat the heat and with style. It seemed like a day in Hawaii with work as usual. Big coconut trees greeted everyone at the entrance with blue tranquil sea wave cut outs in the background. Big smiling suns were pasted on walls to bring the summer indoors.

The event was hosted by HR and everyone gathered together late afternoon to play some cool games and contests which included passing the coconut and coco crazy dance. Employees were welcomed with ice tea and snacks including tender coconut water and ice creams. Hidden talents came forward and we had some outstanding line up of performances which filled the day with roars of laughter and applause. With ‘Summer of 69’ playing in the background, this was the “hottest” evening.

Since the day was organized with a theme, the best dressed man and woman was chosen and given gift hampers. If you were looking for some entertainment on May 20th, G-Cube was just the place to be – a perfect way to beat the summer heat!!

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