G-Cube sets up Ministry of Fun

Posted on : September 21st, 2011
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Why do we say ‘Thank God it’s Friday’? Are associates waiting to go home and enjoy the next couple of days?  Well not at G-Cube!! Here, we celebrate on Fridays and not because the weekend is near but because we celebrate TGIF, a fun filled event with lots of games, pranks and unadulterated doses of laughter!

At G-Cube, we created a specially elected ‘Ministry of Fun’ which comprises of a handful of very energetic and creative pranksters. Every month, the ministry meets with Human Resource representatives and brainstorms on some fun concepts. While HR handles the Finance Ministry function, the remaining ministers are divided into Entertainment, PR, Fun, Sports etc who together plan the next TGIF.

This Friday was also a uniquely crazy day with wacky games like Atta Candy, Chinese Whisper, Paper Dance and Drape a sari. The ministers are responsible for organizing and executing TGIFs.

Atta Candy was a unique game that started the evening. While women were very hesitant to participate (for obvious reasons), men were game.

Rules – dig your face in a bowl full of flour without using your hands and fish out the hidden chocolates and other gifts using your mouth! Men not only dug their faces in bowls but also posed for shots later. Kudos to their spirit of fun which made it even more enjoyable. There was a huge round of applause and men struggled to beat each other on time with roaring fans cheering in the background. What an event and what a stress buster! The sudden gush of energy on the floor was immense and we could hear giggles of laughter coming from various corners long after the event was over. The Fun Ministers had ensured that the game was a huge success with maximum participation.

The next on the list was ‘Drape a Sari’ and the chosen participants, by choice, were all men. It went off well and most men finished on time ‘1 minute’. By the end of it were sure that men had a greater talent in draping saris. It was crazy and uncontrolled! The spirit was high and associates were rolling on the floor laughing by the end of it. The teams went berserk supporting their participant and the strong sense of team spirit within the G-Cube community could be viewed.

Chinese whisper was chosen as another game to tell the associates how grapevine though required to a certain extent can also lead to major confusion and complete distortion of communication if indulged in more. Long queues of associates were set and they had to whisper into each other’s ears. The lines almost crashed with laughter mid way and it was hilarious to see how the phrase was distorted with the end result having no connection with the start.

Last but not the least was paper dance. Music was set and papers were folded to its smallest fold with people clinging to each other and managing to dance on that bit of paper with their partners. Even those not on the paper loved seeing the game and overall was a refreshing example of camaraderie.

For G-Cube, TGIF is a long awaited day to compensate for all the hard work that one does over the month. While HR does keep organizing fun filled days now and then, the Ministry of Fun has surely upped our Fun quotient.

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