G-Cube Wins Deloitte Tech Fast 50 India Award Third Year in a Row

Posted on : October 31st, 2011
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It gives me great pride to announce that G-Cube has won Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50 India award third year in a row. This award recognizes 50 fastest growing companies in revenue terms in a region.

That G-Cube, a niche player in e-learning products and services, has won this award three times successively, clearly demonstrates that role of technology continues to grow in L&D domain across the globe.

I remember that same time last year; the general mood was that of caution as many economies were just emerging out of recession. Today, again there is volatility in various geographies, but the difference is that this environment seems to be becoming the new normal for businesses. Inspite of all the economic uncertainties, organizations in emerging economies today want to scale up rapidly and the one’s in developed world are looking at more cost-effective ways to retain their edge by sharpening their talent base.

Another interesting development is that even small and medium sized businesses are increasingly becoming global today, and have to deploy resources to train their geographically spread customers and teams. Many interesting recent developments such as mobile device based learning, cloud/SaaS based learning delivery platforms, and social learning etc can help these organizations to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their training needs.

All these business factors make me fairly confident that the growth trend of technology uptake in L&D is only going to increase in coming times. For G-Cube in particular, with our focus on providing innovative solutions at cost-effective rates yielding great returns, our growth forecast continues to remain aggressive (40%+ year on year growth) for the current fiscal year.

I will like to take this opportunity to congratulate all G-Cubians for this achievement, and heartily thank all our customers who continue to show trust in G-Cube’s value proposition.


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