Game-based Learning for Corporate Training: A Promising Trend for Today & Tomorrow – Part 2

Posted on : January 9th, 2019
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Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 2

Sometimes, people confuse the term ‘gamification’ with serious games. The former is all about applying gaming mechanics with non-gaming context to encourage learners to participate more and retain for long. Serious games utilize conventional gaming techniques related to serious concepts. When serious games are aligned with diversified training needs, learning can be immense fun. These help to reinforce overall workplace training experience with a better understanding of the content. A completely fun-filled game-based training strategy aids the workforce to effectively learn, apply their skills at the workplace and compete with their peers. Undoubtedly, games in e-learning have proven to be more fun and engaging to the core. The blend of modern e-learning strategies including gamification, theme-based learning, serious games and more, makes workplace learning more effective.

Game-based Learning for Corporate Training

At G-Cube, we strongly believe in adopting a game-based approach for corporate training based on the pertinent needs of our clients from diverse industries. For instance, we imparted an effective game-based solution to train the new hires of our BFSI client. Their existing classroom-based sessions were boring. So, we delivered game-based learning for a classroom setting, thereby motivating learners to undergo training and improve their knowledge competency. We introduced themes based on fantasies like Stone Age, Car Racing and more. On choosing a particular theme, the player has to perform a specific action, based on which he earns scores or badges. As a result, employees participated with full enthusiasm, thereby resulting in improved levels of workforce collaboration and retention. To know more, write at [email protected].

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