Holi Celebrations in G-Cube

Posted on : March 18th, 2011
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Holi, the great Indian festival of colors, is a unique celebration of high spirits, when the new season is courted with a riot of rich colors. It is like a grand kaleidoscope that glorifies all the hues that tinge and renew the lives on earth.

It falls on the full moon day of the March, the month when the nippy north wind bows out to the refreshing and rejuvenating breeze from the south, heralding the onset of the ensuing summer in this part of the world. It is thus a festival of spring.

G- Cube family celebrated this festival of colours on 17th march 2011 with love, fun and joy. Everyone was excited as loads of surprises were planned for the day.

Entire G-cube was decorated with flowers and its fragrance pepped-up the mood. Celebration started with putting Gulaal’s tilak to all G-Cubians followed by different events, such as “Bollywood Holi Quiz” which was won by Akhilesh Singh from IT Department. This intense quiz was followed by a very interesting contest ‘Pin &Win’ which involved writing of Funny Strips, and it was won by Anusha Jain from BD team.

Since it was a festival of colors so everyone was dressed up in colorful outfits to win best dressed male and Female which was won by Rahul Kashyap and Pooja Jha respectively.

Gujiyas and Samosas were there to add flavor to the celebration….

After that it was free for all mayhem, where G-Cubians enjoyed putting different colors on each other with the music of ‘Hori khele raguveera’ in the background making atmosphere even more joyful.

Wishing everyone a colorful spring!

Arunima Majumdar

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