Mobile Learning – A Catalyst To Enhance Banking Salesforce Performance

Posted on : January 8th, 2018
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Banking sector is changing at a very fast pace, not because of the new regulations that affect every aspect of finance and business implications. What supercharges this transformation is the evolution of digital technologies, which is changing the way customers interact with the banks and their salesforce. Modern learners interact a lot, use mobile devices and are always on the go. It is because of the latest technology-aided mobile learning solutions that employees engage more and collaborate better via effective communication channels.

Mobile Learning for Banking

Implications for Banking Sector

With mobile devices becoming more efficient and user-friendly, mobile learning is gaining worldwide acceptance. The incredible pace of evolution in mobile technology and changing customer behavior have a tremendous impact on how customers leverage banking services. As customers are moving to virtual channels, banking industry is also shifting towards a more digitized platform. Banks and other financial institutions have started developing training courses which are accessible on smartphones and tablets. Mobile learning is beneficial specially for sales personnel who need to access short duration courses on the go, as per their convenience.

How Does Mobile Learning Helps Salesforce Sell Better?

In today’s digital era, banking professionals help their customers meet long-term targets using online tools. They are responsible to deliver strategic financial advisory services, communicate the features of latest products and impart solutions that cater to individual needs. Consequently, they bring out the best from customer engagement with mobile-enabled courses.

The key challenge for the banking industry is to train employees so that they engage more for a better experience in their new role by:

• Providing them with the latest digital tools to deliver effective customer interaction.
• Motivating workforce through rewards and badges to develop a strong team that can digitally revolutionize their organization.
• Educating employees through customized content and digital learning.

Mobile-enabled approach enhances the use of online learning tools by the employees. With easy access to personalized mobile devices, organizational salesforce act as smart players who communicate and embrace digital evolution of customers across the globe. Banking through mobile devices has become more prevalent and its scope will increase in the future. As new-age employees enter a digital learning landscape, the banking sector will need to ensure that customers are offered an enhanced level of services.

With technological advancement, the banking industry is getting proactive on different mobile devices to offer seamless navigation. As varied needs are emerging, it is becoming increasingly significant to use smartphones and tablets for a continuous learning experience. Mobile learning is one of the efficient tools used in today’s dynamic learning environment. It enables workforce to improve their knowledge and experience while communicating information to their clients. The incorporation of games, audios and videos with e-courses make learning more adaptable and organized. So, banks and other financial institutions develop effective strategies, collaborate with each other and educate their sales employees through training. No doubt, it is rarely possible to gain competency through physical education in live classroom settings. Regular transformations and innovations have marked a great advantage using digital platform, especially mobile learning.

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