New Year Celebrations at G-Cube

Posted on : December 26th, 2009
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Change is universal law of nature. As the old year sets off and New Year comes, we all unite together to wave off year to go by and welcome the new.

Bhagavad GitaG-Cubians had a gala time in the month of December-2009 wherein different activities were arranged in G-Cube in order to bid farewell to 2009. These activities started with Bhagavad Gita Presentation given by Shri.  Buddhimanta Das (from ISKON). Here concepts of Gita were seen from managerial perspective and also relevance of Bhagvad Gita in today’s world.

The next activities on the list were Cricket and Badminton championships. In order to revive and revitalize G-Cubians, yearly Sports Day was organized wherein Cricket and Badminton competitions were arranged. This was much awaited day for all G-Cubians wherein competitive spirit was seen among all players.

Christmas CelebrationsFinally we had Christmas celebration. All the workstations were decorated with Christmas ribbons, bells, stars, balls. Also, we decorated Christmas tree with chocolates and toffees, and, not to forget, images of Santa. We all were dazzled with the visit of Santa followed by Christmas carols. The day ended with Santa distributing Chocolates and cakes.

Wishing everyone a very joyful and successful 2010!

Arunima Majumdar

Arunima is the Marketing Head at G-Cube. She loves exploring and blogging about innovations in training & learning for the new-age corporate sector.

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