Pico Projectors – Revolution that m-Learning is waiting for?

by Manish Gupta | November 13th, 2009

Mobile learning (m-learning) has been a buzz word in L&D circles for quite some time now. It has long been


Learning Through Social Networks

by Arunima Majumdar | November 11th, 2009

Learning Circuits big question this month is on how to figure out value of social learning, and how do we


Online Vs. Face to Face Learning

by Manish Gupta | October 22nd, 2009

Found an interesting study done by US Department of Education (courtesy Clive Shepherd) that objectively analyzes difference in effectiveness of

Independence Day 2009 Celebrations at G-Cube

by Sonia Pandey | August 17th, 2009

India celebrated its 62nd Independence Day on 15th August. While there are many functions organized by government to commemorate I-Day,


An Initiative in Adult Learning

by Kanchan Pandey | July 30th, 2009

Adult Learning is when an adult makes a conscious or unconscious competence choice to learn. This learning theory has various


Size of Indian eLearning Industry and Growth Potential

by Manish Gupta | June 16th, 2009

This post comes from a question asked to me by a journalist on size of Indian elearning industry and its

Mango Mania at G-Cube

by Sonia Pandey | May 31st, 2009

G-Cubians celebrated Mango Festival with full enthusiasm and spirit on 30th May 2009. This was an inter-departmental festival. The entire


SCORM for Newbies

by Manish Gupta | April 28th, 2009

I get these questions a lot from people who are just getting into elearning – What is SCORM? What is

Whole World is Our Canvas!

by Sonia Pandey | March 16th, 2009

Well, not the world but yes, we literally had the whole office corner as a canvas for all the G-Cubians to

Opportunity in Adversity

by Ankit Jain | February 26th, 2009

The LCB’s Big Question of the month is “What is the impact of the economy on you and your organization?

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