Training – One Fourth Preparation; Three-Fourths Theatre

by Bidisha | February 13th, 2008

We offered this month’s ASTD’s Big Question: Instructional Design – If, When and How Much? to our ID team to

ROI Analysis Tool, Serious Games, e-Learning 2.0 – Some of the things to look out for in 2008

by Vivek Pandey | January 17th, 2008
Category :e-Learning

I think 2008 will be an exciting year that will mark some interesting changes in corporate HR strategies and social

US Economy and e-Learning in 2008

by Ankit Jain | January 8th, 2008
Category :e-Learning

Here are my views in response to January’s Big Question from ASTD – One of the leading e-Learning forecasts suggests

New Year Celebrations at GCS

by Sonia Pandey | December 31st, 2007

G-Cube celebrated New Year Bash on 29th December that started with a painting competition on Global Warming. This time we moved

My Big Learning in 2007

by Bidisha | December 18th, 2007

The December Big Question on Learning Circuit asks what did you learn about learning in 2007′. Well for quite sometime now, I have

e-Learning and Second Life – How viable is it?

by Manish Gupta | November 29th, 2007

e-Learning has evolved rapidly over last decade or so, from being simple PowerPoint presentations to highly interactive games and simulations.

IPTV- Myriad Possibilities, May Change the Way We e-Learn

by Ankit Jain | November 1st, 2007

Convergence of telecom, Media and IT had been a topic of business discussion for long. Fast paced technological developments in

Why’s and How’s of LEARNING

by Amita Tomar | October 25th, 2007

Ever wondered when your teacher asked you to draw a house on a sheet of paper, why you drew a

Rapid content development

by Ankit Jain | October 17th, 2007

In my views future growth of global e-Learning to a large extent will depend on availability and usage of rapid

Instructional Designing – In Layman’s terms

by Jyoti Sabharwal | October 17th, 2007

How many of us understand what it is? Most of us who are going to read this forum would probably

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