Shaping the future of Islamic Finance through e-Learning

Posted on : September 10th, 2012
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Innovation and technology adoption have been the basis of the tremendous growth in the world’s Banking and Financial Services sector. Leaders in Learning & Development (L&D) have also been at the centre of the growth wheel, continuously aligning people skills with aggressive growth strategies.

The Islamic Finance industry, particularly, is experiencing a phenomenal growth rate. Today, Islamic Finance can boast of a market share of more than 25% of all banking assets in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.It has also seen aggressive geographical expansion, with operations that are now spread across more than 50 countries. Concurrent with this rapid growth, L&D leaders now play a critical role in Islamic Finance institutions.

Shaping the future of Islamic Finance through e-Learning

Shaping the future of Islamic Finance through e-Learning

Chief learning officers (CLOs) have a powerful agenda – to transform human capital and align it to a customer-centric business approach, while at the same time achieving high accuracy to Sharia’h compliance, increasing effectiveness of product trainings, and enabling implementation of new technology. CLOs, who are engaged in shaping the future of Islamic Finance, believe it is now crucial to look beyond traditional training methodologies.

When talking of modern and unconventional ways of training, ‘e-Learning’ is an idea that occurs to all of us instantly. As a leader in the e-Learning industry, G-Cube has created many highly engaging and effective learning solutions for organizations across the world. The continued success of these solutions reiterates our belief that e-Learning can truly help leaders of organizations implement their key initiatives through innovative and effective ways of e-Learning.

The benefits for adopting technology-enabled learning will be manifold for Islamic Finance organizations.

  • e-Learning will provide a seamless training mechanism for a growing workforce across the large geographical spread of the industry, which will prove cost-effective in the long run.
  • For training managers, Learning Management Systems will help create role-based training paths for employees and help to evaluate the employees on a regular basis. This, in turn, will create a pool of world-class employees, trained to deliver.
  • By employing futuristic approaches like serious games, 3D animation, decision-making simulations, m-Learning, and so on, e-learning will prove to be more impactful than traditional approaches to training. The spirit of technology-enabled learning will help the industry reach world standards of efficiency and delivery.

We believe that the use of new-age approaches for training will play a decisive role in increasing employee engagement at Islamic Finance organizations. By creating an effective learning path, e-Learning will certainly help the industry to grow and achieve its goals.

Arunima Majumdar

Arunima is the Marketing Head at G-Cube. She loves exploring and blogging about innovations in training & learning for the new-age corporate sector.

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