Social Learning can help you Sell Better – Here’s How

Posted on : April 30th, 2013
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Many of the forward looking corporate are now beginning to warm up to social learning within their networks. With the easy availability and affordability mobile devices, social learning can now be delivered through mobile phones, smart phones or tablets. The added advantage of the mobile platform provides accessibility of social learning for learners – anytime and anywhere.

While social learning is beginning to make its presence felt within corporate walls, it can also be fruitfully utilized for the sales personnel who are out in the field and need just-in-time learning.

The challenges of Sales Training

  • A lot of information needs to be shared and within a limited time, e.g. during new product launches. The bulk of information cannot be retained at one go and a sustainable process of learning re-enforcement is necessary.
  • In addition to information pertaining to products and processes, the sales staff also needs to be proficient in customer knowledge and selling strategies. This information has to be delivered continually keeping at par with changing customer profiles and the market scenarios.
  • Peer learning is a powerful technique that can be utilized to increase the application of learning. This is often difficult to implement as the sales staff are mostly out-of-office and rarely get the opportunity to congregate and share their experiences.

The Social Learning Solution

  • The learners can be provided with pre-loaded mobile devices with short e-learning tutorials that they can access on the go. Using this mobile learning platform, the learners can upload their experiences and learning from the field, and share their knowledge with their peers.
  • Videos can be a powerful learning tool and can be successfully utilized for knowledge sharing. The learners can record their own videos, using simple video equipment available on most devices – a desktop computer with a webcam, a laptop with a built-in webcam or even a basic mobile phone with a built in camera.
  • Videos specific to areas, regions or individual markets can then be searched and viewed as per the needs of the learner.
    Comments and questions pertaining to the videos can also be discussed through the social platform on a discussion board. This can be a powerful collaborative tool for learning as well.
  • From time to time, inspirational videos from managers and higher-management can also be included to boost the morale of the employees and commend them on the job well-done.

Benefits of the Solution

Such a mobile based learning and collaboration platform utilizes the power of social learning to provide sustained learning and support.

  • Videos are interactive and ‘speak’ out better to the learner, without taking up too much time. They provide small information nuggets that can cater to the just-in-time learning needs of the learner.
  • Sharing best practices makes sure that the learning acquired in the course of work is duly utilized by all. Star performers can share the ways and means they employed to attain success and the rest of the team can emulate them in their own field of work. This makes sure that the overall performance of the team is improved.
  • Sharing brings out the spirit of competition which encourages all to perform better and share their success on a social platform. Sharing experiences also kindles the spirit of experimentation. Viewing the success of their peers, the learners are encouraged to try out newer methods and tips.
  • The platform grows organically with the efforts of the learners. This inspires to channelize their own learning, share more and learn more.

As per the requirements of the client and available infrastructure, the solution can be delivered through a web-based, mobile-based or a tablet based app. For industries like BFSI, Retail and Pharmaceuticals – which have a large sales force spread out geographically – it can be especially impactful in creating a common repository of experiences and learning.

We at G-Cube are on a continuous tryst to innovate newer solutions and this solution is one of our efforts to create sustainable model of learning – catering to the specific needs and requirements of a certain learning group. To learn more, write to'

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