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Including Badges, Improving Collaboration, and Driving Engagement: Rising Scope of Gamification for Corporate Training

byAnubha Goel | May 1st, 2019
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Gamification is now a trending buzz which is why organizations are incorporating interactive gaming elements in their e-learning programs. It

Game-based Learning Optimize Learner Engagement

How Does Game-based Learning Optimize Learner Engagement, Promote Instant Feedback, Create Risk-free Training Environment, and More?

byAnubha Goel | April 23rd, 2019

4 Key Reasons to Adopt Game-based Learning Approach as an Effective Corporate Training Strategy Game-based learning is becoming one of


Gamification in E-learning: Motivating Your Workforce to Learn More and Perform Better

byAnubha Goel | March 5th, 2019

Boosting Learner Interactivity, Fortifying Knowledge Retention, and Enhancing Overall Workforce Competency From being a just buzz to a widely popular

Gamified Learning

Game-based Approach for Corporate Training: Learning Can be More Fun – Infographics

byJyoti Sabharwal | February 4th, 2019

Whether it is a classroom setting or online corporate environment, the adoption of game-based learning approach has been widely adopted.

Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 4

Game-based Learning is the Popular Buzzword for Diverse Industries – Part 4

byJyoti Sabharwal | January 14th, 2019

On the whole, game-based learning will remain the popular buzzword in the future also, with an increased level of collaboration,

Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 3

Replacing Classroom Approach with Gamified E-learning for the Retail Sector – Part 3

byJyoti Sabharwal | January 11th, 2019

Another instance where we delivered game-based e-learning was for the Retail sector. The primary need for this industry is to

Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 2

Game-based Learning for Corporate Training: A Promising Trend for Today & Tomorrow – Part 2

byJyoti Sabharwal | January 9th, 2019

Sometimes, people confuse the term ‘gamification’ with serious games. The former is all about applying gaming mechanics with non-gaming context

Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 1

Diving into the Emerging Scope of Learning Games for Workplace Training at the Game Developer Conference 2018 – Part 1

byJyoti Sabharwal | January 8th, 2019

One of the most promising things about technological changes is that it happens at a very fast pace. This is

whitepaper gamification image

Game-based Learning & Gamification – Driving Fun & Engagement to Your Corporate Training Experience

byAnubha Goel | December 4th, 2018

Engagement is a key element to make training more effective and relevant. One of the most popular training methods to


Gamify Your Learning Experience For Better Employee Engagement & Workplace Efficiency

byAnubha Goel | September 3rd, 2018

Today, gamified e-learning solutions have emerged as one of the effective ways to engage workforce by including different game mechanics

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