Using Video Nuggets with E Learning Courses to Meet Dynamic Training Needs – Infographics

byAnubha Goel | October 1st, 2019

Microlearning is a personalized approach that provides the most relevant information at the point of need.  Today, organizations from varied

Top LMS Features Infographics

Top LMS Features to Deliver Performance-driven Solutions – Infographics

byAnubha Goel | September 16th, 2019

Modern corporates are leaning towards utilizing Learning and Performance Platforms (LPP) to bridge need-gaps, increase ROIs, and drive business efficiency.

E Learning Modules for Banking - Infographics

Creating Engaging E Learning Modules for Banking Workforce Training – Infographics

byAnubha Goel | September 4th, 2019

In the current scenario, the adoption of the latest technology for effective eLearning design is crucial for organizational growth. Moreover,

LMS Technology Infographic

Boosting Workplace Learning Efficiency via Robust LMS Technology – Infographics

byAnubha Goel | July 10th, 2019

Organizations from different industry verticals deploy modern Learning Management Systems to deliver an unparalleled e learning experience. The advanced LMS

Infographics Simulation in Healthcare

Simulations in Healthcare: An Innovative E-learning Approach for Optimal Patient Safety and Workplace Efficiency – Infographics

byAnubha Goel | April 16th, 2019

The workforce in the healthcare industry needs to be adequately trained and certified to ensure optimal patient safety while undergoing

LMS for healthcare infographic image

Key Features of G-Cube LMS to Serve Your Healthcare Training Needs – Infographics

byAnubha Goel | December 13th, 2018

To continually boost patient safety and stay competitive, workplace training has become an imperative need for hospitals and other healthcare

video-based learning

Integrated Video Platform In Learning Management Systems: That’s what we want!

byArunima Majumdar | July 16th, 2018

The Corporate LMS is now integral to learning management, enabling organizations to provide workplace learners with informational content and other