Enhance Your Mobile Learning Delivery with 7 Eye-openers.

byArunima Majumdar | August 21st, 2013

mLearning has, slowly but surely, been creating a niche for itself in corporate training and learning. Even a decade ago

m-Learning Evolution – From Native to Web Apps

byManish Gupta | June 29th, 2012

As we work more in mobile learning and content delivery space, my belief is strengthening that instead of current model

‘Mobile learning, just for the sake of it, is definitely not a good idea!’ – Some insights on Mobile Learning

byArunima Majumdar | August 5th, 2011

In these times of ‘just-in-time’ learning, mobile learning is fast gaining popularity as a medium for learning across all learner

Smart Handhelds – Will They Change the Way We Work, Play, and Learn?

byArunima Majumdar | February 22nd, 2011

Change is a way of life and for the learning industry it is a every day reality. With newer technologies

LMS Client for Android – Challenges & Learnings

byArunima Majumdar | December 15th, 2010

Mobile learning is heralded as the next big step in e-learning and developers across the industry are working on better

UI Design Tips for Touch Screen Apps

byManish Gupta | September 4th, 2010

I have been playing with a 7” inch Android based tablet for few weeks now, and as I had mentioned

Will Tablets be for e-learning what Mobiles were for Telephony in India?

byManish Gupta | August 3rd, 2010
Category :e-Learning

Mobile telephony has revolutionized India over last one decade. Today, we get free incoming calls and outgoing call rates are

Great Companies Listen To & Meet Customer Needs, Brilliant Ones Anticipate Them

byArunima Majumdar | March 19th, 2010

Continuing with our Knowledge Sharing Series, we took great pleasure in chatting up with yet another stalwart of the e-learning

iPad, Kindle, and e-Learning

byManish Gupta | January 28th, 2010

Apple launched iPad yesterday amidst lot of hype. It was slated to be Kindle killer and a serious threat to

Predictions for 2010

byManish Gupta | January 24th, 2010

In response to this month’s big question on LCB – e-Learning implementation and usage of different upcoming platforms is at

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