e-Learning Predictions for 2011

byManish Gupta | January 14th, 2011

This time of the year is always fun, when one tries to look forward and guesstimate how the year would

Great Companies Listen To & Meet Customer Needs, Brilliant Ones Anticipate Them

byArunima Majumdar | March 19th, 2010

Continuing with our Knowledge Sharing Series, we took great pleasure in chatting up with yet another stalwart of the e-learning


Predictions for 2010

byManish Gupta | January 24th, 2010

In response to this month’s big question on LCB – e-Learning implementation and usage of different upcoming platforms is at


Size of Indian eLearning Industry and Growth Potential

byManish Gupta | June 16th, 2009

This post comes from a question asked to me by a journalist on size of Indian elearning industry and its

A New Perspective to eLearning Prediction for 2009

byAnkit Jain | January 19th, 2009

In response to this month’s question on LCB –   There is not much to predict when recession is written