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Posted on : July 13th, 2017
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Latest advancements in the capabilities of tablets and smart phones coupled with its inherent ubiquity have resulted in the increased interest in leveraging mobile devices for learning. Mobile devices provide access to training courses at the moment of your needs. Driven by latest software, improved hardware and growing habits of mobile users, scope of mobile learning has increased exponentially. The proliferation of smartphones with latest web browsers has provided an excellent opportunity for learners to explore more. It is possible to deliver content across varied platforms using different web browsers.

Mobile Learning

Most of the organizations use mobile devices in learning, including smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices. They have understood the growing impact from their use of learning technologies and mobile learning is one of the factors contributing to their success. Supporting the learner when needed can be simplified via mobile learning. As more number of learners are using their personal devices to access resources, they are entwining more opportunities that mobile learning can offer.

Exploring Steps towards Mobile Learning Success

Organizations start taking e-learning initiatives by introducing programs to verify delivery methods and boost confidence. They also launch small m-learning programs with specific audiences to manifest overall business percussion. To determine whether your business will avail benefits of mobile learning, five steps have been created. It is done by confining basic business points and preparing the organization for training program. It then helps to guide organization through each step:

1. Assessment and planning:

Companies should first understand their business needs to determine how content delivery through mobile devices can improve both teaching and learning experience. They need to emphasize on tailored business needs tied to organizational metrics. For instance: they need to enhance the current classroom training experience or to provide access to just-in-time information.

2. Implementation of technology:

The next step is to select the best suitable technology and mobile device to support business requirements and learning environment. It is essential to restrict this activity to devices within the organization, and not for all kinds of business requirements. Doing so, complicates the complete learning process, leading to more expenses.

3. Delivery of content:

Learning content can be prepared or repurposed from existing learning sources. It is important to ensure that the content is created using the best instructional model and deployed on apposite mobile devices to capture learners’ attention.

4. Support:

Quality support for mobile learners as well as facilitators is one of the most significant aspects for any mobile learning initiative. It means maintaining the dexterity to keep relevant content and giving access to professionals to answer questions when things change.

5. Measurement:

An adequate measurement strategy is followed to ensure that the best course is delivered. Measurements are then mapped to varied business goals such as increasing revenues and decreasing costs. Proximate measures associated to increased performance and impact on tactical objectives should connect mobile learning solutions to financial measures.

Mobile devices are pervasive and have become a leading platform for communication. M-learning helps address problems at the pint of need. This translates to better business impact, reduced cycle time and enhanced connections between trainers and learners. Organizations that have adopted mobile learning solutions attain a competitive advantage in the form of increased business productivity, better customer relationships and more engaged learners.

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