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G-Cube's Learning Consulting Service helps define, implement, and evaluate business goals driven learning and talent management strategy for your organization. The consulting services are offered around three practice areas: Learning Function Enablement, Corporate Learning, and Talent Management.

We are passionate about creating solutions that enable talent to be business ready. These solutions are typically aimed at aligning learning to Business strategy, creating an organizational culture of learning, addressing real life business issues through learning, benchmarking learning processes, leveraging learning technology, and optimizing training spend, so that focus is on investing in high ROI areas.

Custom elearning services

Consulting Offerings

Our offerings range from enabling the learning/training team to enhance their impact on the organization, to building need based learning solutions, to designing talent management frameworks. All of these offerings are bespoke and created as per the specific context of your organization. The objective is to create impact based solutions that make a tangible difference to your organization and your people.
Best Custom elearning
Learning Function - Enablement Solutions
  • Organizational Learning Architecture Creation
  • Learning Processes Enhancement
  • Learning Impact Assessment
  • Performance Support
Top Custom elearning
Corporate Learning Solutions
  • Onboarding Framework Design For All Levels
  • Role Transition Management – Capability Development
  • Leadership Development Framework Design
  • Functional Capability Development
  • Professional Skill Development
Custom e-learning
Talent Management Solutions
  • Career And Role Framework
  • Role Based Development Framework
  • Succession Management
  • HiPo Programs

Our solutions lead to the following benefits

Begin with the end in mind! We seek answers to two questions at the very beginning of every intervention: What will success look like, and how will it be measured. The benefits of our offerings are how they are defined at the commencement of the intervention, as per the desired changes sought by the stakeholders. Solutions are designed accordingly, and evaluation strategy is aligned with these outcomes.

Impact on the organization:
  • Resolution of Real Time Business Issues
  • Reduce Time, ensure Competence
  • Enable Business Continuity through Talent Readiness
  • Drive Learning and Innovation Culture
  • Drive Cost Effectiveness
Impact on the L&D Team:
  • Become a strategic partner to business.
  • Add tremendous value to the organization
  • Drive learning based on impact and metrics
  • Adopt best practices in the industry
  • Drive time and cost efficiency


We adopt a dual pronged strategy to address learning, and talent development needs. While the ADDIE model is used for creating learning solutions, we follow an organizational development model for designing and implementing solutions for the learning function, and for talent management.

For learning solutions: G-Cube Solutions follows the ADDIE Model for interventions. We work with the audience to analyze and understand real learning gap, design an intervention around it, develop courseware for the program/intervention, and implement it, choose tools and methodologies most suitable for the program/intervention needs. We would, thereafter, evaluate effectiveness of the program/intervention. The final objective- intervention is to help the performance of employees to improve through changes in their behaviors and approaches.

Addie Model


For Learning Organization Development/Talent Management solutions: G-CUBE adopts a learning-organization-development based approach, to address a stated gap in the performance of learning/talent management function in the organization. The root cause(s) behind these issues are studied and diagnosed, solutions co-created, and implemented across the organization, keeping end objectives in mind based on the following approach:
We believe that such interventions are not just for resolving certain issues with immediate effect, but are also instrumental in building capability of organizations from a long term perspective. Hence, the entire approach has an acronym — DEVELOP — where we endeavor to transfer the expertise around the solution from our consultants to your internal teams, leading to an overall organizational development in this process.


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    Standard Chartered Bank

    Standard Chartered Bank

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    J & J Group


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