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Bring the Power of Learning to your Non-Profit Organization

Advance Your Cause with the Right Learning Strategy.

Non-profit organizations are involved in community development activities right from the grassroot to the policy making levels and work with a vast network of volunteers, program managers, fundraisers, CSR officers etc. to maximize their reach and impact. With 21 years of experience, G-Cube’s Enterprise Learning Management System and innovative learning design practices provide flexible and scalable learning solution to the non-profit industry.


We know your Exact
Learning Needs

Non-for-profit organizations work with multiple stakeholders working from remote locations who need application-based, compliance-oriented learning. At G-Cube, we know how to make it seamless.

Provide economic and scalable learning to volunteer partners.

Engage your beneficiaries with immersive and interactive learning.

Create a centralized knowledge platform for all your stakeholders.

Drive higher knowledge retention among your field officers.

Sustainable, user-friendly technology for various level of users.

Localized learning content on various topics of social development.

All our practices are compliant with Section 508.


Learning Technology to Excel
in Your Industry

Learning Technology to Excel in Your Industry

G-Cube’s online Learning Management System has been developed by experts with extensive experience in providing learning solution to global NGOs and development institutes.

Group 78

– AI based learning platform with keyword-based
content segregation and recommendation.

– Has both self-registration and admin-regulated
user management feature.

– Dedicated social learning feature for volunteers
across geographies to connect.

– Exceptional user-experience for mobile users with
greater accessibility.

– Gamification of learning for motivating volunteers
and external partners.


G-Cube provides technology-aided learning solutions to the global network of a non-profit organization to attain specific goals. Our learning solutions are aimed at creating mission-focused and skilled learners with high knowledge retention and enhanced efficiency.

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Group 91
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Group 90


Customer first attitude. Business Integrated Solutions. Innovation to disrupt.
  • Impacts the Business Results Beyond Learning
  • Based on Cognition & Learning Science
  • Fosters Learning
  • Technical
G Cube LPP webpage V4 28

Impacts the Business

Results beyond Learning

  • Customer Success Team  
  • Dedicated Support team 
  • Self-service Business Intelligence Tool
  • Compliance feature 
G Cube LPP webpage V4 26

Based on Principles
of Learning & support

  • Spaced Learning
  • Performance Support
  • Just in Time Learning
  • Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation
  • Flipped Classroom Model
G Cube LPP webpage V4 27

Fosters Learning Culture 

  • Social Learning Feature
  • Smart Notification
  • Easy Access to Knowledge
  • Easy integration with MOOCs
  • Backed Up by a Customer Success Team
G Cube LPP webpage V4 29

Technical Superiority

  • Built like a microservice platform  
  • Integrated LXP with elastic search 
  • Programmable channel – based UI
  • On premise/ cloud deployment
  • Secure Mobile App


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