A Simple, Powerful and Effortless Enterprise LMS

G-Cube LMS Enterprise e Learning solution is designed for large enterprises and makes learning more intuitive. The design is logical and modern features within the Enterprise LMS (Enterprise Learning Management System) provide better adoption and engagement. The system’s unique approach to GUI, bringing information to the fore that helps users utilize the system faster and provides measurable ROI through stringent analytics.

Enterprise Learning Management Systems


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G-Cube LMS Enterprise Learning Management System helps organizations achieve their training and development goals through innovation in design as well as delivery of learning.


Built with latest development technology, it's the new-age Enterprise LMS for the new-age Learner.

SCORM and Tin Can compliant

It is compliant with SCORM 1.2 & 2004 and Tin Can (xAPI) – as required by modern e-learning standards.

Content Authoring capabilities

G-Cube LMS v7.0 can be integrated with Web-based content authoring tools. It empowers trainers to create the courses quickly and easily. The authoring environment also allows the creation of interactive e-courses with existing content – embellished with features like interactive games and social media.


G-Cube LMS v7.0 is built on robust yet flexible architecture. It allows us to customize the system as per your needs. Thus, you don't have to change your workflows to suit the LMS; rather, the LMS changes to suit your needs.

E-commerce Ready

G-Cube LMS v7.0 is e-commerce ready. It provides learners the opportunity to browse through product catalogues, add items to the shopping cart or wish list for future reference, use discount coupons, pay online/offline and generate invoices. The payments can be made with the help of integrated PayPal payment gateway or via any other customer specific payment gateway.

Multi-lingual support

G-Cube LMS v7.0 offers a multilingual user interface for organizations that caters to the global workforce.

UI Personalization

User Interface can be personalized as per the user’s choice which includes theme selection, font size etc.

Beautifully Re-invented


G-Cube LMS v7.0 provides an engaging learning enriching experience through built in modern features.


Building a comprehensive content library with multiple content formats – SCORM 1.3/2004, SCORM 1.2, HTML, Flash, Video, PPT, PDF and word Documents. Managing courses and programs along with the course catalog is another feasibility provided.

KPI Driven
Automated Learning Delivery

Allows creation of 8+ question types. Embed audio video or images with questions, options or feedback. Randomizes questions and options. Sets up certification and re-certification schedules for easy management of compliances.

Social and
Collaborative Learning

This allows the users to Write Blogs and Share with Peers Read Blogs, Comment, Discuss Frequent Questions. And launching and managing surveys and announcements of various types.


The design includes learning by accumulation of learning points via learning tasks. Motivating the employees with learner badges, competitions and leader boards.


Creating re-enforcement spaced learning programs under learning management. Make and manage multi- element content delivery schedules, over various modes SMS, email and app.

Virtual Classroom
and Webinars

Includes unified telephony, video conferencing, whiteboard, screen sharing, document sharing, surveys and assessment, VoIP etc. for effective collaborative learning.

Competency and skill
gap analysis

A range of social tools like Discussion board, Wiki, Blog, Announcement and Survey capabilities. G- Cube LMS can be linked with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Mobile App for Learners
Managers and Trainers

Aids in viewing learning programs and courses as well as the courses content. Managers can easily view the progress of the assigned courses.


Success for us is never static. Our endeavour is to constantly increase the benchmark and redefine the threshold of success at every milestone.

  • "Extremely dedicated professional who worked with utmost sincerity to help us understand this new platform of Learning Management System. Your unending patience to solve our short term problems and to achieve long term goals, was what we were looking for."

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  • "I would like to thank you and your team for the efforts you have put in over the last few months. You and your team have put together great dedication in getting the system up and running at the time of crisis, and I am looking forward to a similar kind of a support in the future as well. Truly Appreciate the dedication and commitment of the team. Keep it up!! "

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  • "Very happy to share that our mGurukul was featured as one of the great Initiatives & was acknowledged by our CEOs in SBI. This acknowledgement is for all the team members who contributed to create mGurukul & made successful deployment a reality with 95% uptake. Thanks for making this happen. Great show"

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  • "The LMS provided by G-Cube is implemented for use of approx. 30000 users of the organization. The services provided are satisfactory. The Learning Management Solution provided has functionalities like E-Learning management, Classroom Training management, Assessment Engine, Skills and competency and Mobile App."

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Q. What are the basic G-Cube LMS modules?
  • 1. User Management

  • 2. BI Through Reports and Dashboards

  • 3. ActiveWall – Social Timeline Feature

Q. Does G-Cube LMS support Gamified Environment?

Yes, G-Cube LMS supports gamification features including Points, Leader boards, Reviews and so on.

Q.Does G-Cube LMS support Multilingual Interface?

G-Cube LMS is Unicode compliant and supports multilingual user interface with an option to switch from one language to another. The languages supported are: English, Arabic, All leading Indian Languages and more.

Q. Are Features like Classroom Trainings and Virtual Sessions available with G-Cube LMS?

Yes, G-Cube LMS also supports Classroom Trainings (Planning, Scheduling and ILT material) and Virtual Sessions.

Q.What Kind of third party APIs can be integrated with G-Cube LMS?

G-Cube LMS can be seamlessly integrated with existing organizational systems like HRMSCRM, HCM and ERP (e.g.SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft) Custom.

Q. What are the basic features of the mobile app that you offer along with the web version?

Along with the web version we also provide Manager features, Trainer features and learner features on the App including personalized feature for each version of the app.

Q. Can G-Cube LMS be hosted on client’s server? Can G-Cube LMS be hosted on G-Cube’s Server?

G-Cube LMS can be implemented on both Client server or G-Cube’s server, as per the needs of the client.

Q. What browsers does G-Cube LMS support?

G-Cube LMS supports all major browsers including IE 8.0 or later version, Firefox 22.0 or later versions as well as Chrome 22 or later versions.

Q.Is G-Cube LMS responsive and mobile friendly?

Yes, G-Cube LMS is created with a responsive design and is mobile-compatible to suit the needs of the modern learners.

Q.What kind of reports are supported by G-Cube LMS?

  • We have more than 15 reports available out of the box:

  • 1. Admin reports
  • 2. Learner reports
  • 3. Learning reports
  • 4. Classroom training reports

Q.Does G- Cube LMS support content creation through authoring Tool?

LMS can be Integrated with Authoring tools that are PENS compatible (for eg: Composica). However, LMS supports content published in any tool that provides SCORM output (eg: Captivate, Articulate Storyline)

Q.Does your G-Cube LMS support Collaborative Learning?

G-Cube LMS supports social and collaborative learning which has additional features of managing and launching surveys and blogs, writing and sharing blogs, comment and FAQs and uploading, sharing and saving learning objects to library.

Q. Do I need to buy any software to run G-Cube LMS on our desktop & laptops?

No additional software is necessary for G-Cube Enterprise LMS to run on desktops or laptops – all you need is a browser and you're set to go!

Q. What is the Pricing Scenario for G-Cube LMS?

We do offer Annual Licensing Model for our G-Cube Enterprise LMS but we have models as per the requirements of our clients as well.

Q. Does G-Cube LMS provide SAAS Service?

G-Cube Enterprise LMS comes along with the SAAS Service where we license the product as per the client’s requirement. We have Enterprise SAAS service where we provide exclusive infrastructure as per the client needs and the number of users involved.

Q.Can the apps be purchased separately?

Yes, you can purchase each of the add-ins separately. We have three type of apps – Manager, Trainer and Learner where in the client is available with the option of either having all of them or having one of them individually.

Q.Do you offer product training?

Yes, we are able to offer you product training tailored to your needs. In general, the training will be delivered remotely by one of our trainers using screen sharing software such as Skype for Business or GoToMeeting.

Q.How many active customers have you had in the past year for G-Cube LMS product?

A million+ active users have been using G-Cube Enterprise LMS and availing the features of our product.

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